Scatter 🌱 - The Scattering Tool of blender 2.8

but at least this is more than nothing, they have a rough plan or imagination

well, i feel like they are still missing the importance of scattering for blenderers



Proxify is (99%) finished and has completely replaced the old non-universal scatter proxy system

IMO the proxy set up is way more intuitive and feels like it was always supposed to be there, in Viewport display.

You can check it out right now



I think i can say that proxify is done. i still need to know if external devs want to change some of the external dedicated api for their own addons integration…

now the old Proxies UI in Scatter has been replaced with the new Proxify system (the same UI is also available in Properties>Scene>Proxify for all Proxify users

basically Scatter can individually change the proxy state to ON/OFF in “Particles Collection” tab, and have an extra option “Scatter Sel.” for batch toggle/remove proxies for selected Scatter particles systems


Yesss, that’s what I was hoping for.
Thanks man. Any idea when season 1 will be out?


Update : Proxify official Thread is up

now is time to test it out and give some feedback


Thank you very much for your hard work!.


2-3 weeks ? Maybe ?

Idk. It will be official when there’s an official release date



particles in the viewport will now be in an accurate position (blender bug), i manually “corrected” this bug, now the refresh will be done automatically on despgraph update. it’s optional, you can disable the behavior inside addon prefs, i don’t think there’s any performance cost, but it’s always good to have an eye open

Annotation 2020-02-05 203607

i also reworked multiple ‘tools’, now 90d turn and low origin will be working perfectly with proxify


@BD3D noob question here. how can I use existing vertex group to assign to particles?

I know I can paint the area but is there any way to assign it without painting the area?

I know I can paint the area but is there any way to assign it without painting the area?

Going in editmode and assign the weight manually to the selected vgroup also work

It all depends, do you wish to use Scatter multi vertex group layer system ? If yes

  • create a new painting layer
  • assign to selected particles system
  • now go in your terrain >Properties>Ob data
    • you will see the automatic vgroups created and automatically assigned in the modifiers within the “Vertex Groups” tabs. Scatter painting layers are called “PAINT1” “PAINT2” “PAINT3” ect…
    • if let say you have an already created vgroup called “MyVgroup” and you’d like to replace “PAINT1” by “LyVgroup”:
      well it’s really simple, delete “PAINT1” and rename “MyVgroup” “PAINT1” and all modifiers will be assigned automatically, nothing will be broken




Particle Size is now fully integrated with the preset and biome system. :slight_smile:
but by default on all preset it will always be on 1:1 ratio

better UI in the preset menu

Dorian, whenever I go to the downloads, I keep seeing, which I believe is the same version I grabbed many weeks ago originally when you launched. Has Scatter been updated at all? If so, do you just keep replacing the zip with the same filename, and no versioning?

there is going to be seasonal updates, i prefer to release big updates, every X months instead of constant small ones

see this post

it will be called “Season 1” or “S1” and there will be a lot of new content/upgrades/features
(after that season 2 then 3 then 4 ect…)


Roger that. Thanks.

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Scatter Season1 release date will be the 28th February (with surprises.)


:-/ Okay, this is really perplexing… "it will be called “Season 1” or “S1” … “S1 release date will be the 28th February

Why is the version that is downloadable (and has been since early Dec) from market called S1, if S1 is not available until Feb 28? Sorry D, but that makes zero sense…

S1 = shortcut word for Season 01. i never reffered S1 as being the current version ever.

but that makes zero sense…

right now it’s “unnamed release build”
next update “Season1” (February 28th)
after “Season2”
then “Season3”
then “Season4”
then “Season5”

that’s confusing because of the first release marketed just as “Scatter”.
a bit like rock and roll bands who chose to name their first album unamed. which is stupid i agree on that.
once we get Season1 in place it will be much more easy to follow

Each seasons will be massive updates of either new plugin features or new assets.
if i need to do some quick fix, it will be called “Season1.1” “Season1.2” ect…

from market called S1

yeah, the update marketing schedule was decided after the release. i did not think about it at this time, too busy with the release ofc
right now the only version available is called “” i did not share any other version officially.

script naming system beginning on next update:

Later : (if bug/quick fix needed):

Next Big Updates some months later :
if bug/quick fix needed:


but that makes zero sense…

Better ? Let me know if you have any other questions

Who’s up to try the WIP ?

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Hi Dorian!

Nice explanation. Looking forward to the season 1 (unamed was great so far :slight_smile:)

Im up to try the WIP!


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Also up for WIP!

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