Scatter 🌱 - The Scattering Tool of blender 2.8

maybe for later. not in plan for this release. :slight_smile:

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Next Update Spoilers:


isn’t that super cool ? it feels like a brand new addon :smiley:


would you guys like that instead of having the terrain as active every time you just have to choose him inside of an object pointer like this ?


  • Yes i’d like to choose my terrain once with a pointer and change it when needed.
  • No i’d prefer having the Terrain as an Active object ?

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This is amazing. I’ll definitely buy it.

I’m also interested in a Graswald integration, perhaps using their low poly grass and what not.

On a sidenote, I love the font. I used it for my old band many years ago :wink:

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I’d like to point other thing. Once you select terrain with this, you don’t have to keep it selected in the viewer, which makes it work much, much faster (remember the lags caused by selection overlay with many particles?).

So that should be default after all.

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Same for the scattered objects, I think it would be easier to pick the different objects that are part of the scatter. You have then a list of objects you can change later on. And you should have a list of scatters also, so you can select your particular scatter and change it objects.

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Same for the scattered objects

already incorporated. its a tab called “Particles Collection”

I’m also interested in a Graswald integration

i’ll see that when i’m working on the “Scatter assets” either i do an operator that detect every preset dedicated to X assets in the data base, or i create an asset manager that automatically scatter whole biomes (or both)

This is all the Main preset shipped with the addon. any suggestion ? i’ll do one more with user based image texture.

Preset Name : array_face_z_normal


Preset Name : array_vert_random


Preset Name : cluster_grass_arbitrary


Preset Name : cluster_grass_l


Preset Name : cluster_grass_m


Preset Name : cluster_grass_s


Preset Name : cluster_grass_z_normal


Preset Name : cluster_plant_m


Preset Name : cluster_plant_s


Preset Name : cluster_wood_dense


Preset Name : cluster_wood_l_duo


Preset Name : cluster_wood_m


Preset Name : cluster_wood_z_normal


Preset Name : simple


Preset Name : simple_children


Preset Name : simple_dense


Preset Name : simple_z_normal


Preset Name : array_face


Preset Name : array_face_texture



Are you planning on adding to the presets example of the boolean and spline driven?


Hello Juan

Boolean, camera clipping and other are operators that you need to execute yourself. or it can be done automatically when toggling "detect curve and auto execute " in the selection radar.


  • The boolean tab is reworked and now look like the painting tab. it’s more coherent now.

  • New preview system and new presets.

  • You can now add or substract weight in the painting tab. Really easy. (little union/intesect icon)

  • The Selection radar is better, with automatic camera clipping and boolean set up if you want to.


  • The terrain is now asigned with a pointer property instead of always being the active object.

if you use scatter since the beginning you will need some time to adapt. i still have the reflex to have the terrain as the active obj every time. but trust be it’s way better this way. + UI is really clear.

fixed the low origin tool, the code was kind of bs, now it’s proper.

also particles optimi can now batch the selection. the show/hide viewport will only affect the active tho. (256.9 KB)
Presets_V2.rar (520.9 KB)

You’ll need to install the preset directly in the import export folder. and click on the refresh icon and debug icon right after. it’s mandatory to use the addon with my presets. Please do ( you can always delete some, overwrite, change icon, change new preset icon, ect…)

Can i have some humble testers to try it out ? p

report bugs ? UI-UX feedback ?
or just playing around with the addon, with some simple scenes.

i know that there’s no manual yet, but it’s great as it’s a way to find if thing’s aren’t intuitive as possible.
also i don’t even know if the addon work on mac nor linux, i really need some testers. i suspect that the save preset (as creating a new custom one) operator will crash on mac/linux.
The terrain pointer rework was huge. i had to change thousands of lines.


Is there a option if you want to disable the use off modifier stack if this needed ( Preset setting )

preference and info is this working with Blender 2.82 /2.81

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fixed. it was just inatention. edit: now fixed

Is there a option if you want to disable the use off modifier stack if this needed ( Preset setting )

didn’t understood ? sorry

With particles you can enable use the modifier stack or not , i can adjust this manual , but can i make a preset for this

And i’m not sure how the import export / preset work , do you have a example how this works

see above the gif in the

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particles low position works fine , but turn 90 degrees is not working like with one off the older version , can you check this again

Works fine 90 turn and Particles Low postion ,Sorry my mistake

Great job, I will try this later.

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Awesome job :slight_smile:
I’m testing it and I noticed that the Particles Low Origin is misplacing the Cone origin, this operator works fine with a cube and sphere. Also, as you noticed in the video, the more you hit Particles Low Origin, the object starts “going up”. I’m using 2.80


More to come later.