Scatter 🌱 - The Scattering Tool of blender 2.8

No Problems, yes, got it going after a restart … Phew
Really looking forward to seeing what’s new etc


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Thanks Jo-Lat, let me know if that fixed it

Welcome to the community, don’t forget to check out the brand new manual !

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Quite similar issue with Luxcore.
I guess Blender code is chonky on addons that contain some types of libraries or stuff.

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There is a trick. This is from Kickstart For Developers World Building Advice. It can be done in Cycles.

The .blend file:

The grass: Simple grass chunks - Download Free 3D model by 3dhdscan (@3dhdscan) [eb4f6dc] - Sketchfab


Looks promising, unfortunately everything breaks when inside a particle system? could you confirm?

Yeah, I could not make it work with a particle system and I don’t know why. Only with a particle system and a Particle Instance modifier.

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weird, it’s like cycles is instancing the shader instead of calculating the shader on all mesh instances

Considering that Unreal Engine uses normal instancing and how buggy the Blender’s version is it is more than weird. Displacement is a weak part of Blender.

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@BD3D Can you confirm the crash?

2.9 beta ?

Yes. It did not crash in the latest 2.83.3.

Hi Dorian ,

I have some speedtree .fbx files with joints and animations i want to scatter , do you have any pointers on doing this ?



Hi, did you tried to scatter the tree? what went wrong?

I highly recommend animating vegetation, trees, etc… with shape keys, instead of using bones. Bones are useful for simulating the tree, but with scattering, we are simply instancing meshes. so you won’t be able to simulate a whole plane crashing into instanced rigged trees forest with a scattering solution basically, it’s not possible due to the simple nature of instancing.

Hi, when i change the topology of my target mesh by adding another mesh into it (pressing Ctrl+J) to create some grass on another area, it seems to not actualize the grass distribution, do you know how i could make him do that ? At the moment i don’t have grass on the mesh i freshly add, it seems that the only way to do it is to delete all, recreate the biomes from start, this is really ennoying, any ideas ? I hope i am in the right channel to write this,


Basically my question can be re-formulate like that i guess : I assign a premade biomes to a grid, i tweak the parameters, changing the scale of the grass, playing on the clustering etc, now i want to keep my new biome preset and assign it to a cube or a sphere, how can i dot that ?

Quite new to Blender, sorry if the question sounds silly but i really need to know.


Hello :wave: welcome

I never did some testing with this, I’ll try this out when I’m home

Right no you cant, I need to create a copy paste operator for a next update :sweat:, 4.0 in November maybe, lot of work ahead

Quite new to Blender, sorry if the question sounds silly but i really need to know.

No worries,
Have fun,

Hey Everyone, got some news :partying_face: !!!

We did a collaboration with the guys @ TerraScape and now their GrassScapes and VerticalScapes products come first off all completely compatible with Lodify and shipped with a total of 32 new biomes ! One click goodness available within the Scatter manager.

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