Scatter 🌱 - The Scattering Tool of blender 2.8


Lodify will get a new automatic Proxy generation tool


Release in 20h UTC, i’ll repeat it again, all updates are free for all users
it might be a good idea to get Scatter early, who knows you might spare a few bucks :wink:


Cant wait!

Dorian, really excited to play with the new goodies. I think I’m actually going to get to screw around with it, since my two biggest clients typically leave me alone during Thanksgiving week… :crossed_fingers:

I’m assuming that the new mask stuff has the ability to soften the edges, though this is not shown in your gifs above. Hopefully we have the ability to soften masks anywhere between zilch all the way up to a sh!tload.

4.0 is out !

What’s the surprise ? You guys got a free upgrade to a PRO version with a total of no less than 76 BIOMES and 180 assets !
Note that there’s currently a -25% promo on the Pro version for latecomers.


Check out the new catalog

Let me know if the upgrade went fine on the market, the last thing i need is customers not being upgraded properly !


  • improvement Introducing the new “Scatter Pro” pricing with more biomes and exclusive features , free upgrade for all previous version owner.
  • improvement: New addition to the biome library! 153 new assets, 64 new biomes and 90 new layers.
  • improvement: Simpler installation with Lodify, it is shipped inside the .zip and you can enable it directly inside the Scatter addonpref.
  • improvement: The particles per square meters/kilometers operator now will take masked areas into consideration (optional).
  • improvement: Apply Object Scale automatically when scattering.
  • improvement: New warning message on masks panel if your terrain don’t have enough vertices.
  • improvement: New export panel:
  • (new export panel) improvement: moved the “export scattering masks to vertex-colors” in this new panel.
  • (new export panel) new-feature: New “convert particles as objects/meshes” operator.
  • (new export panel) new-feature: New “export visible particles as .json” operator for Game Developpers.
  • new-feature: New Scattering Masks:
  • (new masks) new-feature: particle proximity Mask (add/remove particles near other particles).
  • (new masks) new-feature: shadow Mask (distribute particles by shadow).
  • (new masks) new-feature: 2d bezier area Mask (remove particles inside/outside the area of a closed bezier curve).
  • (new masks) new-feature: Object-Collision Mask (remove particles inside/outside mesh-object within chosen collection).
  • new-feature: Duplicate the Selected particle systems with the new dupplication operator.
  • new-feature: Lodify got new batch operators to automatically set-up and also generate LOD’s on the fly.
  • new-feature: Implemented a new 2D remesher to remesh ugly ngons more easily (location: ‘Scatter Panel>Creation>Terrain Creation’).
  • new-feature: New operator in the mask option header to reset all Scatter System(s) base vertex-group to full weight (useful if terrain-mesh changed).
  • Bugfix: apply displacement button broken due to blender new drag-and drop modifiers system introduced in 2.90.
  • Bugfix: migration to a new library folder from “Scatter Asset Library” to “Asset Library”, if you had custom packages you just need to move files to new location then refresh the manager.
  • Bugfix: Removal of Terrascape packages due to circulation of illegal copies and deprecated content, all Terrascape package owners will need to re-install an updated versions of their Terrascape packages they purchased in the blendermarket. contact me on (BD3D) on the blendermarket for more informations if needed.
  • Bugfix: adjusted a few materials for eevee transparency.

*make sure to restart blender after uninstall then reinstall new version


Super impressive! I shall use it in my Work immediately. Super smooth, renders fast, low memory usage. Great looks.

Looking forward to exploring all new features.


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Thanks for the pro !


guys let me know if the upgrade went smooth! :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Just playing around with the new Scatter 4 and so far it’s fantastic. Remove your old version (I had 2.0), exit and restart Blender and it installed without an issue. The new Biomes are great. Thank you @BD3D for such a great tool. With tools like these I think Blender is the place to be.

Cheers, stay safe and happy blending!

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Went smooth, but I do get a crash to desktop whenever I do a CTRL+Z in the Biomes Manager. This is in 2.91.0 beta. I have not tried 2.90.0 stable yet, and I am done for the day. Are bug reports in this thread okay or do you want them in PMs or emails Dorian?

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Bug reports here are fine,
Thanks for the report, expect a post release 4.1 patch !

THAT. IS. AWESOME. :star_struck:

I’m totally including a reference to Scatter in the Archviz course i’m recording right now.

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Upgrade went very smooth for me. Fantastic tool !

Thanks very much also for the “hint” to buy before the launch of 4.0. The pro brings even more value than I expected. Definitely a “feel good” moment that the purchase was well worth it.

One feedback comment is the documentation is now sometimes too simplistic for the tool.

I struggle here with the masks and trying to do painting or vertex. Not sure what I am doing wrong. It is not as straight forward as weight paint the vertex group and then select in density. For others like altitude, etc its great and simple.

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Helll richard

One feedback comment is the documentation is now sometimes too simplistic for the tool.

Yes indeed :frowning: I will do a proper tutorial series soon

I struggle here with the masks and trying to do painting or vertex. Not sure what I am doing wrong. It is not as straight forward as weight paint the vertex group and then select in density.

Indeed, as there’s a non destructive vertex group workflow going on. You can add a paint layer, assign influence on desired systems, then click on the paint button to start painting :slight_smile:

WOW! It looks like an amazing update! This is real customer service.
And the new biomes add so much more possibilities.

Thanks a lot Dorian. :pray:

(Pity, I just recently finished all the nature scenes for my current project.)

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Is Lodify updated to the new version?

I cant see the “batch autogenerate” option in the last version I download from

Where can I download it? Thanks a lot.

P.S.: Scatter update has been smooth for me. Testing now.

so far The github is not updated yet, still need to do it

Where can I download it? Thanks a lot.

So far it was in the and is available with 4.0


My bad. I installed Scatter 4.0 and after that I installed Lodify (my old version) instead of enabling it from Scatter Panel.

Thank you so much.

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Wish I had mode time to see any features in action.
I’m deeply amazed how gargantuan progress have you made from first script versions. Looking forward better times to finally use it!


Is it possible for new biomes that are added to be immediately clipped by a mask that is already applied?