Yes by design scatter will scatter object on surfaces. I don’t plan to support more options for now

Is there a way to scatter whole collections as can be done with the vanilla particle system?

Is there a way to hide the target ?
I would like to spread objects over a surface but I don’t want to see the surface

Possible natively in

Is there a way to scatter whole collections as can be done with the vanilla particle system?

Possible natively in

Ok, I was having problems with the location and rotation when checking “whole collection”. Figured out that I have to position the collection in the world origin and rotate it 90 degrees in Y axis… :sweat_smile:

That was fast, thanks :wink:

Yes indeed, blender is a bit awkward with this 90degree rotation system. this will soon be over with the new geonode scattering workflow. note that there’s a way to change that in object>relation

I see, thanks for the explanation!

Scatter5 News:

Hey, i’m Back from vacation

The baker is now x10 faster, 45sec for baking a 8k png with a 1mil vert terrain. this is quite a huge improvement compared to the old method (8min) and I believe it’s also faster than baking vertex colors from cycles?

here’s some example on a generated watershed/slope mask, terrain is 1mil vert (2mil tri) baked trichannel baking on 8192x8192 was 48sec

the baker also supports animation now.

Here’s some (complex?) mo-graph example-workflow below, I didn’t implement mask influence on particle distribution yet. I’ll show examples on how useful mask animation and baking can be for scattering later

This is a newly implemented “position” mask that will map vertices depending on their location from the chosen origin (x/y/z/xy/xyz origins) on the chosen space (set on this moving empty). I enabled the option so the chosen masks will recalculate themselves on frame change. the values are also remapped with this pyramidal animated graph moving along the abscissa (it’s a vg edit modifier). The vertex group generated by this position mask is driving a displace modifier

then from that displaced geometry the normal and aspect masks will also recalculate their values per frames.

Then come the mask baking, baking a trichannel bitmap (normal/aspect/position) for 130frames, 512x512 took 1.30min (bad gif compression):


Hi. I am new using Scatter. I am loving it, still to many things to understand. There is one main thing that I really need to solver kind of fast. I am painting where to place the particles. The render and the viewport give me a different outcome in terms of distribution and scale.

Do you know why this is happening ?
Thank you

Hello Bruno, can i have a scene sample of your problem? you can send my a wetransfer link via private messages

Hi Dorian,

I’ve already seen you replied to other people who have experienced the same issue I’ve encountered. I am new to Blender and I don’t understand the fix that solved their issue.

When I create LOD’s of an object and then switch the viewport to display only the proxy, it flips them model 90° forward and ends up laying flat on the Y. If i rotate the proxy back by 90° manually, the other LOD’s will also rotate back by 90°.

I’m a complete newbie to both Blender and Scatter, could you please provide a detailed step-by-step explaination for how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!


In the native blender particle system (what is used in scatter) by default the instances need to be rotated 90degree on the X axis in order to stay up. For the longest time, most tutorials online told users to rotate the instances mesh, but actually there’s a (hidden) option in properties>object>relation>tracking axis to change to resolve this problem, set this property to +Z and everything should be OK, you just need to make sure that your mesh and their LOD are all in the same rotation space of course

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Thanks for the swift reply! I woulnd’t have been able to have figured this out by myself!

Hi! Is there an option to use collection as scatter instancer. This feature could be useful for scattering trees when trees leaves are created with linked mesh data which means that model contains more than one mesh.

Regards, Daniel

Hello @DanielCookie
Yes it’s possible natively see the response below

Hi, I’m back. I think I’m almost done. I have added LOD’s to all the plants, all of which are facing upwards (properties>object>relation>Z+).

How do I prevent Scatter from rotating the assets when I press Scatter though? I saw this guy do it in this video at 49:05. But I dont see this option in the Scatter menu I’m using.

That’s an old video from Scatter2 I believe. right now we are @ Scatter4
Could you share a file by private messages? it’s hard to understand how you orient your geometry. i need to check your local rotation space