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Whoa. No. Thanks.

I don’t think thats surprising considering how much time it can save you and the degree of polish it can give your work. We need these type of tools for Blender to lead the industry.

That being said I 100% identify with the frustration of not being able to get my hands on something powerful and creative in the open source world. Its not a perfect solution but I think what many do for the normal commercial software world will work here. You snag a (probably outdated) version of the software at a place where you can do such things - you play with it and get to know its features. Then you get a job where you can use it or you have some $$ to play with for your hobby and you buy it because you want the latest updates and to be able to tag the creator on social media with a link to your work. This is not a perfect system by any means but its the only compromise I know that acts as a funnel for the addon creator. Sorry to anyone I offend - I am being a realist!

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Whoa. No. Thanks.


45$ is the same price range of addons like B-painter, MESH-MACHIN3, DECAL-MACHIN3, asset manager ect…I propose the same kind of new and innovating functionalities that will change an artist workflow so i think that this price is more than fair. personally i purchased both of MACHIN3 addons and never regretted it.

i totally understand how you think it is not, i know that blender being “open-source” combined with commercial addons sometimes makes a lot of peoples angry from both sides of the debate.


45$ is amazing price. Very, very good price. I hope that many Pro users will share some plants to add them to Scatter biomes. I will try to prepare something too. If we all here, all users which have enough skill will prepare one or two 3D plants , than we will have 200-250 or more plants for many biomes in this add-on. I see that users are surprised that price is 45$… Because they have open source software and they think that all add-ons should be for free…sorry - but no. I’m using Blender not so often but I bought Decal Machines, HardOps and many other add-ons because I want to explore new ways of creating 3d content and I want to show all add-ons developers that Blender is a Pro software like 3ds max or Cinema 4d too. And They can make money with good tools made for Blender. Thankfully most people around Blender community are understand that programmers have to make money to pay bills and food.
Scatter will be a game changer for hundreds of Blender users. I’m sure. New tool, new possibilities, new speed in distribution huge amount of objects, more control over whole scene, better creative ideas in shorter time and few ready to use complete biomes.
Let’s make Blender amazing possibilities more amazing:)


No need to defend yourself. Worth every penny if it aids creativity and you enjoy using it. Looking forward to the release :slight_smile: well done mate.


Please don’t enter their game, you are making an addon with a lot of potential, the price you put is very competitive, keep working on it!


For a money-making blender job - absolutely yes, I’d pay even more.
But for hobby - absolutely no.

Monkey -> money xd sorry

Maybe in next month’s BD3D will have idea about lite version. Forest Pack Pro has a lite version too. But it is hard to decide what should available in lite version. For example Forest Pack Lite is dedicated for hobby and fun works - you are able only to distribute proxy’s on flat terrain (all proxies will have coordinates 0 in Z Axis). And lite version has limits for proxies - only 3 you can use and you are not able to convert proxies to mesh…and many more simplified features. Forest Pack Lite is very good to learn workflow with that add-on. Maybe in next month’s we should ask BD3D about that, but now that add-on should be prepared as a Pro version with removed all possible bugs - and here we are, users and feedback. Let’s download last version from wetransfer and test it.


put the final touches on the security features

“it may not seem that much but scatter will come with “Security Features” that will prevent most of you from crashing your blender session.”

there’s also a really handy x2 /2 operator in the particle parameters. i use it all the time, it will divide or multiply by two the particle count. it is really useful i cannot stop using this.



Very well done!
$45.00 is not bad actually!for this functionality it’s a bargain.i can do this on my own,but i don’t like spending days on something that i can do in minutes with the aid of an appropriate add-on.
your price is fine!
i do rail against some add-on devs,but its because some push too much for what amounts to meh!
and start tutorials without stating x add-on is well as the highly overpriced ones that do what i can already do,anyone can do.but i digress.i have been paying attention,and i know you really put alot into this.for us!you deserve my $45.00!

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there’s now a really really quick way for creating presets.
it just take all the parameters of your selected particle system and create a preset with it.

in the gif below all i did is go in the preset editor, click on the little icon, and hit on “Create preset from selected system”. after that the preset has been generated and i can already use it on another terrain.

all you need to do next (if you want ofc) is replace the default thumbnail in the __scatter__ folder with your custom one.

tomorrow i’ll do the same for biomes. one click biome creation

after that it is private beta time. i need three more peeps to try it out. Contact me if interested.


Hey, the beta phase is still active? I’m interested

send me pm


instantaneous biome creator finished.

it will export preset(s) and particle(s) of selected system(s) so that you can re use it later in your library, export and import it with a friend, sell it… ect…

take a look at the process in the link below

now it’s testing week. the beta testers are now enough (±8) entry is closed. but if you are a regular of this thread you can still contact me :slight_smile:

developpement to do :
-write description for every operator.
-export biomes need to be an export as .blend of only the particles and not a copy of the entire file. this make thigs much more heavy and slow… quite tricky to achieve.
-i need to create a bit more presets
-integrate point cloud snippets from carbon
-update info category of the addon pref


Have you tried to accomplish this effect currently, not with just black and white but with more colors?
That would be an amazing way of creating flower fields, which actually grow like this, without any gaps between them. They just take all free spots, but don’t really intersect with each other.

Trying to keep up with this thread becomes more and more hard, you’ve hit 510 posts in less than 2 months, but I really enjoy seeing the progress of your work. I’ve got pneumonia now, so I have a free week. If you want me to test some stuff - poke me. I’m known of destroying all things I touch. :woozy_face:


I’ll sent a pm message.
I am very interested in testing the addon

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thanks ! sended you a message

Just throwing it out there that $45 seems like a hell of a bargain for what this thing seems to be able to do. I’ve paid $8 for add-ons that just move the origin around. Anyone, even people not using Blender to make money, should be able to appreciate how much this add-on does and how much time it saves. And if you don’t want to spend $45 on it, well, add up how much money you spend on coffee or fast food and I bet it comes to $45 pretty fast (and in the case of fast food, I bet it makes you feel much worse than this add-on will! :rofl:)


thanks a lot Dheim :slight_smile:

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You could calculate it this way.
When you save more than 1 or 2h hours of work with it it´s already paied.

Alone an non destructive workflow for splat x species on x meshes with boolean and texture control easily sums up to factors of that .)

Simply reinvest 30% of your income in further development and we will have an top notch solution for archviz, game design and many more use cases in a few months.

Layer Painter and BD3D Scatter are great examples for skyrocketing workflows and show off some problems in the underlaying used blender tech to the Blender Devs… That a great thing, too.
They will greatly constribute to Blender development at all. Therefore full support from here.

Grow slow… splat non- destructive and fast.)

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