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Just a super basic test of an exterior house scene using the demo grass:

I tried with normal settings and using children particles, without any noticeable difference in memory usage. Using children did, however, seem to speed it up by 25 seconds. I’ll try and do some more tests, also with the Graswald assets and see how big a difference it makes with those.

I’ll try to make some photorealistic meadow biomes on release

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This looks waaaay better!
the first one looks more cgi.
love this one.
mind sharing your landscape settings?
pm me if you like

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Landscape settings? I just made that by hand, then some displacement procedural maps.

How you keep those particles within the boundary? Is there a check box ?

In what boundary?

yes but although i am a longtime blender user,i do suffer from multiple tbi.
this kind of landscape design is new to me.
such as,did you use proportional editing for the land plane?
or a custom displacement map?
and what is the map thingy black and white for dispertion of the elements?
that type of thing.please be patient i am not always on top of things.

I have a plan, and want all the particle to stay within the boundary of that plan or face?

I mean, particles won’t appear outside of the plane, because the plane is the emitter?

Follow Blenderguru’s meadow tutorial for that

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Thanks for the help

I’m interested!
simdal (Italy)

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it’s awesome addon !!
can it do something like LOD ?? it will help a lot with rendering , especially for eevee

thanks :slight_smile:

can it do something like LOD ?? it will help a lot with rendering , especially for eevee

i’ll see that for later should be relatively easy to code but well…
lod is really useful for real time game engines, but for rendering it’s not really useful at all.

What if grass got replaced with cards in the distance?

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could lead to huge transparency problems.
rendering all the transparency could take more time than just more geometry

maybe for more simple cases like forests, it could work

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The grass you show in the first post of this topic ist just excellent!
I still don’t understand how you clustered tthe patches

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Thanks :slight_smile:
well witouth the addon it’s quite complex if you are new to blender.
even if you are not, it take a lot of time.
fortunately my addon will make things much more accessible and done within two clicks :angel:

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You’re probably right. I imagine for trees it could work really well.

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I can’t wait…
No, wait, actually we can wait…
Take your time to polish your gem! :wink:


thanks balda

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