Scatter5 open-beta

New Scatter based on geometry nodes?

Yes! look at the post above it just got updated

Cool beta!

If I thought I somewhat knew how scatter worked behind the scenes before, I definitely don’t now :smile:.

I am assuming the UI will look more similar to the scatters 4 UI where there aren’t sub-panels hiding everything.

Also, are there plans for a particle system or general conversion feature? That would be really nice for asset packs that do not support scatter. It would also make things much easier for me coding conversion tools for some of those asset packs.

This new release is changing everything internally as we switched to geometry node
If you have some more specific questions i might have some answers :slight_smile:
in the main there’s some ASCII graphs explaining the pipeline a bit.

Congrats for the beta release :slight_smile:

Stupid question of the day, are there any biomes in this beta version?

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It seems it will be great upgrade!

I have a suggestion - Make an typ of alee scatter functionality, to create for example line of trees along the road, like an array (follow the path) but with all the tweaking of scale, rotation etc. What is crucial it should be a regular distance between objects.

I hope you find it intressting!

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Nope, I’ll do biomes at the very end.
I’ll maybe share biomedemonstration.scatpack or something like that later

like an array (follow the path)

I’ll add it to the todo


it would be nice to see the distribution by quantity for each particle

Indeed, more control over the instances is already on the TODO


Hmm… When I click scatter selected, nothing happens… When I then add a geometry nodes modifier and select the scatter nodetree the landscape disappears and I see no scattering at all… :slight_smile: Is there anything I’m doing wrong? I’ve made the terrain using a heightmap, and that worked just fine.
Otherwise I’m really hyped for this version, I just hope it’s me doing something wrong… xD Just bought version 4 pro to get the 5 when that comes. It’s really awesome!

Either you don’t have anything selected or you didn’t choose a preset thus the particle system you created have a density of 0 by default. i should prolly change the default values

Hmm… I had selected a tree, and had made sure to select the terrain in the menu. I can’t remember if If I changed the density the first time… I did just now, and something happened. But the mesh with the scatter object was hidden from the view for some reason… I’ll try again.

hi there, would you mind providing a very simple scene? somehow i can’t get it to work.

Could you explain what went wrong ? what you did try that didn’t result in success ? or didn’t understand? There’s maybe something in the GUI that i can try to change. i believe that the issue you had is that you tried to scatter something witouth choosing a preset then it ended up creating a particle system with a particle density of 0 thus giving the impression that it didn’t do anything

When enabling Particle Push and Avoid pushing below particle Z would be nice if the Push Distrance slider doesn’t go below zero as well.

BTW, is the border feature working? I can’t find a way to use it.

Try out to add random max distance then push below 0, it will create a fall + deposit effect :wink:

Beta Version 01 now available

Implemented a new clump distribution method see examples on my tweets


Next update of the open beta will be about instancing!
Let start simple, instancing by rate :

Note that order have an influence on the result, as each rates will consume available points.
100% spawn rate on an item means that there’s no more points available for items below


that looks cool.

  • one idea if not already possible - to “blend” (0-1) between Emitter Mesh Normals and Local Z rotation
  • onother one: collapse everything in scatter n menu. sometimes it is confusing when many tabs are open