Scatter5 Open Beta


the addon get deleted

No the panel just don’t show up because when you deleted something, in blender if there’s no more active object, there will be some GUI that cannot be drawn :slight_smile:

Also, it’s best to delete your scatter before deleting your emitter

i have checked every thing the tab in n pannel get dissappered

yes :slight_smile:
select something else after

created a plan and a cube , but if i delete any thing even the default cube the problem is same

yes :slight_smile:

blender is drawing interface with active object
you remove active object
you don’t see interface

it’s like this everywhere in blender

even if i delete any thing the addon get dissapered and then if i undo then the addon shows unable to share video

Thanks for the explanations, contact me on private message If you still have important issues :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey @giacometti777

Edit (forgot to quote): “Is the mesh data of displacement created in the cycles shader nodegraph accessible to Geonodes/Scatter? It would be amazing if we could scatter along these meshes (dynamically) for creative reasons. …”

ATool seems to have what you are looking for: Atool

You’ll need to scroll down until you find “Match Displacement”

Hope it helps,


Thanks so much for pointing this out to me! It definitely opens some doors!

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Hi @BD3D

I think in one moment I have shared the option to have on the scatter pannel something like a scatter manager, as for example forest pack and rail clone have. So it will be super easy to switch into different scattered base elements without having to select them on the viewport or outliner.

something like photographer add on have for cameras :slight_smile:


Scatter4 has this already, I just need to port it to Scatter5
it was in the “statistic” panel, I just got to find a solution to display particlecount so we have a handy panel to check and change all emitter used in the scene and at the same time having a look at what’s hidden, what’s not, total particle count on render per object/total ect…


Anyhow, it’s still a huge problem to solve :thinking: I already did an attempt by checking depsgraph instances but it consumed a bit of performance and there’s no way I’ll let that go in a final release…


@BD3D Thanks! shame on me! Im using v5 latelly so far :joy:
Just a comment, would be better to have it at the very top? (the overall manager)

Cheers, Pato


New tutorial available

I think it will cover all the basics a beginner might want to know. the only thing I may have forgotten is covering the removing or adding new assets from the instance collection

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Hi. I’m one of your scatter 4 pro customers. I can se that there is a compiled module in the code and that this is only for windows. I have two questions regarding this:
Is the code for compiling the binary modules available?
Are you going to provide Mac and Linux versions?


Hello petneb

the complied code is in the form of compiled libraries containing functions that we used with Ctypes within blender. as you saw it’s completely open-source. The code so far is for Scatter5 rasterization engine that is currently locked as it’s still in WIP, as we plan with @carbon2 to make compiled libs also available for other OS such as MacOS or Linux

However, as this is an advance function, we do not plan to make this feature available until the official release of the plugin, the 1st of November 2021

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Version 5 feels very promising I just wasn’t able to access the imported demo scatter 5 lib and my bought scatter libs (grass, jungle, desert and vertical) didn’t show up either. Should they?
Is scatter 5 using the scatter 4 library folder?

Nope Scatter5 don’t have the biomes supported yet, OpenBeta v4 will re-introduce biomes


Hey folks,
I just opened an Instagram account, following can help me out growing the Scatter5 plugin reach :slight_smile:


I know this is a long stretch, but have you considered doing what the graswald addon has done and integrate octane render for blender with the scatter addon? It would benefit many users.

Coming for Scatter5 official release, shaders are already done :slight_smile:

still i’d be curious to know the % of blender users that use octane.
i’m quite a cycles “royalist” and to be honest, i don’t understand why anyone would want to choose something else over cycles :face_with_raised_eyebrow: