Scatter5 open-beta

it’s a cloud drive folder outside of %appdata% settings.

This has happened with anotther addon I use - sorcar, and this is what the author suggested:

Okay i get it now ! sorry i forgot we can do that.

but i’m afraid there’s no much i can do as the preset folder path is not customizable

also it’s not possible within blender right now, as presets need to be in the presets roaming folder

unfortunately, with presets, addon devs are forced to write presets option in the preset folder (i think) so i’ve chosen to store everything in the preset folder for the sake of simplicity


Just updated the main post:

Updates 1.1 work in progress:

  • Scrollable interface implementation
  • Complete the unfinished B01 (11/10 aio, 9 aio missing, it’s the moment to make some requests)

i’m also working on finishing the addon series (basics) on youtube and some important administrative resseller/bank stuffs
this will be the first update, release in ± 2 weeks
then the first “season” of scatter content will be over

after that there’s “season 2” content

expect a season release every 2-3 months

Early Season 2 plans:

  • Co-operative work with graswald :handshake:
  • work on a new “clean border” tab
  • B02 content ( which thematic do i choose ? )
  • price increase 60$ -> 69$
  • carbon2 will work on point cloud. hopefully we can get an working alpha ?

during that period i will also work on the first Extra content pack that will also be avaible in standalone. it’s going to be amazing, and it has nothing to do with vegetation by the way.
i cannot wait to share more informations.



Good news with graswald, I have it too and will be super to have some biomes with their material too!
Regarding the border, in forest pack they work with a transparent material to the objects on the border.


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i love this artist, so glad he share a little demo

(he let all the tab open so the UI is a bit of an mess)


That is great!!! :astonished:

Just use symlinks, you don’t have to wait for any application/addon developers if you have special needs like that. Create a symlink inside the blender default location and point it to the google drive local folder. It’ll work like a charm. :slight_smile:

I have made this with google drive folder for Gaffer. All HDRIS up to 8k are stored on my SSD for fast access.
16k versions are symlinked on HDD because their weight is enormous. Sync is working great, gaffer is working great, and I don’t have to ask neither blender devs, neither gaffer developer, neither google drive developers…

This is a simple but great right-click-menu addition for using symlinks (or junctions etc) which will make it easy for you if you don’t fully understand it.

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Just bought it.
Thank you for this great add-on. It’s fun to use and make the whole process so much easier!

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I’m on holiday but I already bought it anyway… Now I can’t use it for one more week however…

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Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately it is not possible to use symlinks on Enterprise administered machines where regular users don’t have admin rights. But it is what it is.

Bought it yesterday, I couldn’t resist myself!

Now crossing fingers a client pays me in time, so I can pay the rent :joy:


ok so here what i was thinking fot the part 02 of B01

  • 3 Tree layers, hopefully i can re-use @EntityDesigner model ?
  • mowed grass aio, with tiny 10x10cm patches (-> for cleaner border)
  • some wootchip
  • another type of leave layer ?
  • ??

What about eevee ?
i think i’ll spend time taking care of the eevee version of materials


Dorian, if, when you say “wootchip”, you mean mulch (what we call here in the US), then by all means, yes, please have wootchips. I have my own PBR mulches I’ve made with displacements and everything, and those work great for my stuff, but having some as an option in Scatter would rock, for sure.

This is mulch (hopefully wootchip too):


Do you know yet when it will be up on Gumroad? Thanks.
Will be having much fun with Scatter! :slight_smile:

In germany we also say “Rindenmulch”, which basically would translate 1:1 to “bark mulch”

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no i meant wood debirs, little branch and such, i will include your idea in an future gravel / stone pack.

Do you know yet when it will be up on Gumroad? Thanks.
Will be having much fun with Scatter! :slight_smile:

In germany we also say “Rindenmulch”, which basically would translate 1:1 to “bark mulch”

29 december, i got an 1 month exclusivity deal with the BM


I would suggest some pebbles to go along with the “wootchip” when I also thought you were talking about mulch, but I guess this will come when you make your stone pack. Personally I would have more use for pebbles and mulch than debris, but that’s just me.


I think patched grass don’t work well with slopes or its just my lack of knowledge.

Last time I made 50cm x 50cm patch and tried to scatter it on sharp edge curve and because of patch grass look weird.
Is there any workaround for this?

BTW scatter is awesome I purchased it couple of days ago and I am loving it.

Is it possible to create your own proxies (of existing models) en distribute them with scatter?If yes, what is the maximum verts per model? Or is that depending on pc specs?

Trees would be awesome, as well as pebbles/gravel. What about bushes (0.5 - 2 mtrs high)?