Scatter5 open-beta

yes, tutorial on the proxy system this week

Or is that depending on pc specs?

Th goal of the proxies is that they are at the lowest vertex count as possible, to gain performance.
right now for grass it’s kind of useless, but for trees it will be a game changer. i just need to create some tree layers


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My opinion of trees is that there are more than enough trees generators to get all the tree models one might want, but there is never enough saplings and leaves to populate those…

Also, broken trees and stumps, with moss or mushrooms, are a must for a realistic forest and are way rarer than tree models.

using grass patches (50x50cm)


  • easy to tweak distribution
  • easy to get a photorealistic distribution (large scale wise)
  • super optimized for computers, even old ones
  • easily distribute on large surface


  • problems at borders
  • problems on too angular surfaces

Using grass in little patch (5x5cm)


  • cleaner borders
  • no problem on too angular surface
  • Great for close up


  • Hard to tweak distribution
  • Hard to get a photorealistic distribution (large scale wise)
  • Super Problematic for computers (if non close up) as too many particles will kill blender
  • hard for distributing on large surface

How about 2 presets one for large scale scatter. something like 50cm x 50cm and one for medium or small scale like 10cm x 10cm ?

Yeah a meadow biome with small 10x10cl patches will be done for the part 02 of B01

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I think that forest will be next
with some ferns ect…

just send me renders, products, photos

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What do you need? Reference material? I’ll try to take pictures next time I go for a walk to the forest :ok_hand:

Also, I can share with you a photoscanned stump I did not long ago and do more if you want.

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It will be perfect if it can work with the grove 3d!
maybe some partnership same as graswald?
That would be awesome.

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Meh, could be cool but our addons and merchandise practice aren’t the same

  1. there’s no way to scatter an object containing a particle system
  2. The grove sells tree generator, what i would sell is the tree itself, for Sybren, selling independent tree pack wouldn’t make much sense

By the way guys, sorry for my horrible typo, i have just too much to do, i’d much prefer going for a quick and maybe sometimes dirty response while being attentive to the community then continue working

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I got it,
I was meaning the collaboration to make them work together, but for what you said in point 1 its impossible… a pity.

This weekend BA banner :eyes:

See how you guys leaving a nice comment is helping !!
thanks a lot to the 6 reviewers! you guys are amazing!


Hey. I must come back to an old request.

Would it be possible to generate an convert button.
When a scatter layer is selected the standard convert particle is called and all resulting objects are put in an collection or under an empty with same name as the scatter layer.

What happens now.
I convert a scatter layer particle system and all 100 000 objects are put in the hierarchy. I must create an empty or collection and select all 100 000 objects and must move them under the empty or an collection.

It would be really great and saves tons of time.
The empty or collection could be easily selected and exported.

I know on first read it does not sound as sexy but it allows to fast export the scatters to game engine like unreal and unity.

Hi Sasa.

I’m sorry but i have Top Priotity features to accomplish first
clean borders is more important than giving particular features for a minority of users who need to export the Scattering to their game engines

i look into this once the Top priority to-do list is clear :slight_smile:

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One thing that came to my mind as lazy person Im.
I was doing test in different computers with out preset or materials database, so for this “quick settings” like displace the ground, will be super nice to have few ground materials setups.
Just an idea.

But that is easily done right? In the viewport select one particle and shift+L to select all with the same object data, or in the outliner use shift to select from the first B01… to the last in one go. Then M to add to a new collection and done.

It’s like… 4-5 clicks? With a button in the addon it would be 1 click or two, that would be nice, but it’s an action rarely done, one would do it one or two times for every scene, so I don’t think it’s worth cluttering the UI.

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the displacement tab will have a new image to displacement modifier operator. :slight_smile:
it’s on my to do list


From distance effect is nice, but on zoom ins the grass looks plastic. But I guess your collab with Graswald will fix that. :slight_smile:

Umm, I took a look into the materials and a combination of principled and translucency is used, my guess is that this is better for large background scenes, for closeups it would look better with a more complex shading with subsurface scattering, but that comes with a cost in render times…

My opinion is that it’s better to have a more performance oriented defaults and if you have a scene where some grass is close to the camera, tweak only the closest grass shader.

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