Scattered objects scale control


Example: I want to scatter leaves on ivy in a way that they get smaller as they reach the end of a branch.

Another example: I want to have grass and rocks etc. to get smaller as they reach road or another object where they shouldn’t be.

I’m thinking, maybe some sort of distance parameter that would control scale based on a distance of an object.

I’m trying to switch from 3ds max and previously maya, so sorry if it’s some basic question, but I haven’t found any tutorial on this topic.

PS: If you have a tip on a plug-in that deals with trees/vegetation generator I’d like to know about that too. (other than sapling, something maybe closer to growFX in terms of control/complexity)

Thank you!

You can use Weight Paint and the Particle System. Weight paint the area you want assets (Grass etc) on, this will create a Vertex Group. Then create a particle system. Type = Hair. Scroll down to Render and select Object and click on the object you want ie. Grass. Scroll down to Vertex Groups > Length: Click “Group”. You may need to rotate you Grass mesh 90’. You can have the grass or any other assets on a different layer.

Thanks, I guess this is the way to go about it :slight_smile:

You can Group your grasses or whatever meshes and use Group instead of Object. Rename your Groups.

Thanks for the advice… I’ll look more into scattering options.

Meanwhile, does anyone know if there is some " mesh cut-off" function? So in addition to get smaller grass for example grass that reaches border would be cut/sliced. like some sort of in render boolean/cut effect that makes sure nothing goes beyond that border.

In practice you wouldn’t scatter individual grass blades but rather grass patches, however part of this patch could easily overlap the border region, so some sort of projected cut might help to prevent that from happening.

When weight painting, the area that is Dark Blue has no particles.