Scattering debris

Hi :DI am currently trying to make an abandoned house interior scene. I would like to add debris on the floor, peeled paint etc from the aging of the house however I am not sure of the best way to attack this. At first I thought I could have modelled one piece of the debris and then “scatter” it with the array modifier but it seems like the array is a bit to uniform when it duplicates the object (unless I am using it wrong of course).Here is an abandoned interior to see what I mean about the debris. Is there some other modifer that could do the job? Or is it just a matter of modelling and placing every piece myself?

create different kind of debris, group them and use “Grease Pencil Scatter” to to put up the debri in scatter fashion.

Check out for the tutorial

Some Cell fractured and probably modeled debris; Particle system or two on floor picking random bits from Debris group.
Some modeled plane parts to imitate pealed off paint snapped to walls, textures.

Bad lighting, film grain, DOF and there you have it ;).

Thanks guys :smiley: