scattering duplivert properties

so I have a bunch of dupliverts for a simple animation. Mostly cubes right now. I want to vary the properties of each duplicate, like having different colors for each one, change the colors, and rotation and size. basically I want all the cubes to look different.

when I animate the scale of the child, it does pretty much what I want (which I didn’t expect, I thought they would all scale uniformly); most duplicates end up with a different size.

I can’t figure out how to do the color or rotation. rotating the child and animating seems to have almost no effect, and changing the color changes all the duplicates at once. is there any way to vary these properties?

I can’t help you with the material problem but for varying the rotations you could try setting the vector option in the particle emitter options. This should make each cube follow the direction of each particle that its attached to. You might also have to set the Rot button (next to dupliverts). As long as the particles aren’t just going straight, this should vary the rotations.

Actually, for the materical problem, you might just want to have multiple emitters if you can’t find a different solution.