Scattershot: PBR Texture Bombing Feedback Thread

Hi all, I recently finished up an addon for scattering image textures and wanted to have a place to collect feedback. It was made for CG Cookie and can be found on their site and on the Blender Market. You can see just the code itself on GitHub.

Lots of other apps have easy ways to randomly distribute textures across a model’s surface (often called texture bombing or splattering), but to set that up in Blender is unnecessarily complicated and I haven’t seen any other addons for it yet. The goal of this addon is to allow you to do all of that as fast as possible, with as little node bloat as possible, and with as many customization options as you need.

The most recent version automatically detects PBR texture sets and organizes everything accordingly.

I’ll make a video tutorial for it soon, but if you know of any useful texture bombing techniques that I’ve missed that you would like to see implemented, just let me know!

See it in action:


Whew okay nice, looks very cool. I will give this a try and report back!

Edit: Nevermind. I’m an idiot, it works flawlessly. I just had to click “detect PBR channels”

Okay, purchased and installed. First thing that comes to mind:

When you scatter a PBR texture, it automatically assumes I have three different PBR sets selected and sets up the scattering like that.
What if I just want the scattering effect for a single PBR setup? I can scatter an albedo by itself, but not a PBR setup by itself.

Is there an option I am missing?

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Awesome, glad it worked as expected! I wasn’t sure whether or not to leave that on by default but it looks like I should.

Updated to version 1.2 with some minor fixes (including setting Detect PBR to True by default) and new operators for using the Noise Blending, Tri-Planar, and Noise HSV setups on any set of nodes.


Gif (too big to upload here apparently):

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Nice update, having Vornoi scatter and the “generic” nodegroups directly in the right click menu is so handy. I hope the Scatter Mapping (“vector scattering”) groupe make it in soon too. Great job Jonathan, realy usefull add-on. :+1:

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Hey thanks! You can already use that one by itself if you choose ‘Just Coordinates’ as a scatter method, but I suppose that does limit it because it can only be first added with an image texture selected.

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Ahh, found it, but yeah, would be nice if it would be possible to just drop it like the others from the right click menu. I just append it now from the one “stand alone” file you posted at cgc, so no big deal, but would make it just a bit quicker as part of the add-on and the right click menu :slight_smile:

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