Scavenging (large images)

So a couple of friends and I got bored after school today, we decided to go and scavenge the area for furniture.

XD that is me in the photos modelling the sofa.

This kind of inspired me, Post pictures here of your own urban creations. I will have more to come in the future.

Great stuff. Careful with your bag though. Some one might run aways with it.

Ahaha, thats hilarius, man.=D

XD thanks, yeah the bags were safe there were about three of us there and no-one else around… Unless the invisible man…

Would like to add at this point that I was definitely not involved in any way :wink:

Yah, it’s amazing what people will just toss out. We have a couple of pieces in our home that were just discarded on trash day, we picked them up and did some minor finishing/fixing and good as new. There’s actually a series on one of the cable home improvement channels here about some guys who go around finding furniture people are tossing, they renovate it and give it back to the owners. Pretty funny.

Recycling is good.

unfortunately after having somewhat of a party today some chavs came and decided that it would be better smashed up. We no longer have the table

Well, we have the main table, but the end tables on either side of the sofa (read: drawers turned onto their sides) are in pieces.It’s also unlikely that the main table will still be there tomorrow (we might have infuriated the chavs somewhat :smiley: ).

I used to have a friend who was going to college and she was broke as hell, so almost all of her furniture was cobbled together out of wooden pallets and Duct Tape. Her livingroom looked just like those photos, except half of it was coated in silver tape :stuck_out_tongue:

Animatinator, was it still there today? I was ill.

also I will hopefully be getting more photos up soon… I am trying to collect photos from the various people whop photographed it XD

Well, all the furniture has been smashed :frowning: We managed to recover the sofa however; it was sitting in the street (turned upside-down and lacking all cusions ofc). I’m going to take my camera in tomorrow so as to take some snaps of what’s left :stuck_out_tongue:
We actually spoke to our head teacher about our ‘sofa project’ today and he seems to love the idea, so now we just need to find a way of defending it against the chavs :smiley:

Hitting them in the face seems to work. As long as they don’t outnumber you 8 to 1 they’ll run away.

OK, guys, I’ll show my age here. Who or what is a “chav”? Is that like a wanker?

For our generation the urban dictionary is the way to go :slight_smile:

klaatuteela: Do not worry about your age, it seems Chav is a rather British word.

ROFLMAO. And thank you for the reminder about the urban dictionary.

Back in the day I think we called them “juvenile delinquents”. And no, I wasn’t one of them, I was one of the kids in the library reading sci-fi or trying to write FORTRAN programs on punchcards for the IBM 370 at school.

From a run in with the chavs today, I have been inspired to make a defend the castle style game, in which you have to defend a sofa from chavs.

It looked like a few cushions were missing in the photos in the first post to begin with, next thing you know that couch will be set on fire and you’ll have to buy your own.

Anyone know of a good flash solution for linux? or another way of developing WebApps?