scen tunnel just washed out shadows of the train tracks

the scene is just lost totally washed out . There is some wierd gry shadow that sseeme to be undeneath the tracks . Is the ambeint occlusion to high . I playing around with the settings but the scene

The train track shadows seem not be comingthough as trying to change settings to show the train trakcs as well as the curve tunnel


ive tied rendeing it in cycles as people ive mnetionded this a better render. I have taken the exposure down to low amount of exposure = 0.10

However the sceeen is totally white. What settings can change to remove the white snow storm i seemed to have rendered.


Ive been informed that cycles doesnt use leamps inthe scene. uses planes i have to add planes to were the lights was . i think that correct way

ive complete a teest run with the sezzane head (monkeys head) . Too check if the light would emit from the lamp shapes. I can see my light scource is to bright on the test run. The cycles now should work if remove the lights and replace iwth the object lamps in the scene …There is no snow drift now so hopefully i wont have alot of white screen like in the prevoius version . I have posted this just incase some one has similar issue .

tutoril here by anrew price on cycles