Scena3D: Camera view

hi, this is my last work just for fun - model not mine, I get it from here

render with Blender Internal - 3min :):slight_smile:
background is foto form internet:)

postproces with gimp (Abberation, diffrent filtres etc…,)

first of all it’s done for upgrade my skils with Gimp :slight_smile:
this soft with blender I use everyday in my work :slight_smile:


Well… it’s cool!
…But… well… it´s too much taken from the net I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe I know :slight_smile: it’s just for fun & education with import from LWOto blender and recognition the power of Gimp :slight_smile:

hi, cool pic, not to your usual standard, but good none the less.
thank you for the resource, I’ll defiantly check it out.
It is quite often that in the real world, be it arch design, animation, movies, logos, all types of graphic design, that models are out sourced. Weather they are bought to save time on a project, or free models for personal/commercial use.
Unfortunately, many people at BA Forums have no understanding of this concept.
To them you must model everything yourself or you are somehow cheating.
There is no understanding of the real world application of 3d that is many & varied tasks.
Although it is seen more often specialist Artists are collaborating on projects to share their skills.
I believe to use the resources you have at hand if it makes your job easier.
Why model the 500th Mini by 500 different artists when there is a completely good one available for use.
In this instance you have shown a decent render/composition. That composition was done in Blender & it is good. That in itself is good enough for me.
Thanks again for the great link, those models are really good!

Ok, this is second version of this picture,
now with my old model - Syrena 105 - old polish car


Now that’s Way Cool!!! :wink:

look great …

NIce!! I think Syrena 105 looks better

Syrena is my favorite old polish car, when I was five it was first family car of my father :slight_smile:
80km/h max :slight_smile: and… gas = 15l / km :slight_smile:

Thats a realy composition. I love the “low batery” effect lol.

You can start creating a background your self and then post it as a pure B work. I am sure a person who can model a car like that will not struggle with a simple buildings.