Scene actuator set camera

(ProGamer) #1

I’ve done it again -_-
I’ve tried to make something but it does not work as it’s supposed to…

4 Cameras

Camera 1 => displays one mesh > if u click it, go to camera 2
Camera 2 => 2 meshes > They go to Camera 3 or 4

If you click one mesh => camera 3 > displays mesh > works correct
If you cick the other => camera 4 > displays mesh > displays camera 3 o_O

is there a maximum limit of cameras per scene in the bge or something?

Sorry for stating this, I’m not dumb!
I’ve checked and double checked the cameras have different names
I’ve tried replacing the logic
I’ve tried replacing the mesh
I’ve tried new cameras
I thought it was the file and completely remade it (with importing the meshes… not camera)
And now I’m going to rename the cameras you never know

PS I’d rather not post blend => i’m working on making a prototype, we’ll see if this recreates the problem will post later

(ProGamer) #2

As I said the prototype…

It does reproduce the exact same problem even with complete new blend and objects.
I did copy logic bricks from the bad files => Lazy :^)

Scene_Actuator_Problem.blend (994 KB)

(Monster) #3

Carefully look at your “1_Menu_Option_Button_Green”. If you do not see it, let me know.

Hint: Try to name the sensors that the name describes what the sensor is supposed to measure.

Mouse.002 is not specific enough, especially as there are Mouse, Mouse.001 and Mouse.003.

While naming will not resolve the behavior (the BGE does not care the names) - it will help you to formulate what you expect it to do. This way you have a chance to see if your expectation matches the configuration. And the other way around - a reader can figure out why this thing is there without even expanding the panel.

(ProGamer) #4

Carefully look at your “1_Menu_Option_Button_Green”

Yeah i saw… -_-
I had 2 mouse sensors set to left button instead of 1 left button and 2 mouseover.

Hint: Try to name the sensors that the name describes what the sensor is supposed to measure.

Maybe i should start doing that, I’ve made these kind of mistakes a couple times before.
It will not fix the issue, but if you guys need to spot the mistakes everytime it better be readable ^^ (joke)

Thx Monster for pointing that out, I was loosing my cool.
I could’ve spotted that myself, but I was so sure it worked before I wasn’t thinking of a mistake by me.

Next time: check, double check, triple check => Ask Monster!