scene and screen in 2.5

in 2.49 we had at top header 2 menus for scene and screen

so i guess here that we now have the ability to create our how window
which is replacing the old screen menu
but i don’t see how you can had new scenes ?

and ounce you have define let say a new window can it be save with the Ctrl-u option?

any toughs on this!


I’m a little bit confused by your question, but if you’re asking about how to add a new scene in 2.5 just click the + to the right of the scene menu.

Also, ctrl-u will save even if you have another window present. So if you were to setup blender to have 3 separate windows then press ctrl-u to save preferences, when you start blender back up it will have those same 3 windows ready for use.

in old 2.49 we had at the top a menu for screen
where you defined a new screen with whatever set up you wanted
with as many viewports et… and could save this with Ctrl-u

what is the equivalent in 2.5 for this feature?

i know that now you can define new windows indepednatn of the basci blender window
may be there i can create a new setup and save it with ctrl-U!