Scene based on Syndicate concept art WIP

Hi All,

I’ve been working on a scene based on some Syndicate concept art I found here:

I’ve been modeling and doing basic texturing on and off for years however I’m fairly new at trying to create high quality scenes with realistic materials and lighting. I’m struggling to take this scene to the next level.

The tree (looking at the concept art, it’s more of a metal tree-ish sculpture I think) and slightly emissive ball embedded in it are still early placeholders.

I’m using Blender 2.68a and using Cycles to render.

Any feedback and guidance will be much appreciated. Happy to post screenshots of node setups etc on request.

Updated the render. Glass is now frosted, table is now touching the floor, lighting has been updated and I’ve also done a a bit of color grading/vignette in the compositor.

I’m much happier with it the image now, still keen on feedback and crits.

It is looking good, were is it?

Hey, thanks. It’s based on some concept art from the Syndicate FPS. Not sure if the concept art is based on a real location or not.