Scene Building - All in one or append?

Just a short question to all the other artists here. When you build a scene, let’s say a street for instance. Do you normally model everything inside that scene, like buildings or do you model them seperately and append them into your scene? Which one do you think is better and why?

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I usually append the various components, I ensure they have no key-frames at all, and then ALT+D to clone them as I need, such as streetlamps, fire hydrants, cars, even people, trash and effects like puddles or clouds, cloth, smoke, particles, soft-bodies and rigid body simulation (although appended rigid body objects and constraints will need to be regrouped to a rigid body object or constraint object in the new scene)…

Also remember to always Group objects together and sensibly name the groups, when they’re originally saved, so you can easily ensure armatures and characters are appended together by just appending the Group.

Another reasonable point worth a mention, Is I usually save MANY objects in a blend file, such as 1 blend file for all of the “street themed objects” another for “office building themed objects” or maybe another for “character types” and so on.

then you can simply append each individual group as needed, clone it a few times, and relocate it… (don’t key them if you use ALT+D to duplicate them as they all tend to jump to the same position (ofc, because the action is linked to all the duplicates))