Scene change causing problems.

Hi, I am having some problems when I change scene.

I have a ‘menu’ like scene and a ‘gameplay’ like scene. Both scenes work fine when started first. When I use the menu scene to load my gameplay scene my materials/shadows/lighting seem different.

I am using this python code to change scene:


Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

Never mind!

I have realised my mistake. I had my ‘menu’ set to multitexture shading and my ‘gameplay’ scene to GLSL. Loading the new scene does not change the shading mode.

I do now have another issue though. I can no longer change object colour like this it would seem:


Any ideas how I can get this working with GLSL? Thanks

Is your menu scene set to the same lighting mode as the gameplay scene (i.e. are they both in GLSL mode)?

All my scenes are set to GLSL now, yes.


The code above works when the scene is set to Multitexture mode but not in GLSL mode.

Any ideas why this is?

Check the object color box in the material?
GLGL respects material properties much more than multitexture.

I wish to be able to change the colour of an object in the game engine. This is possible with Multitexture shading. Is it possible with GLSL shading?

Yes, check the object color tick-box in the matetial settings.

Yes, it is. Did you check the object color box in the material?

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Sorry sdfgeoff, I misunderstood you. I thought you where refering to the diffuse colour selector on the material tab, my bad.

I have found the button, never used it before, does the trick. Thanks for pointing this out!