scene composite setup

Alright I read all the nodes propaganda I could… but I still cannot figure out how to create the different render layers.

I was assuming that you could render objects seperately and then use the compositor to put them together… well I have a scene that needs it, but I can’t figure it out.


yes I am using CVS…

in the scene buttons you can find a ‘render layers’ tab where you can specify which scene layers [the ones we’re already used to] ends up in a render layer and name them. another rather difficult thing to understand is that the render layers are a subset of the scene layers: so every scene layer that is in a render layer has to be switched on to be rendered. if you have your render layers you can just add as many render result nodes as you want and select a render layer from the dropdown menu.

edit: somehow vbulletin swallowed some of my text. here we go again:
in your case you simply have to put each individual object on a seperate scene layer. it also makes sense to have all the lights in your scene on one scene layer with nothing else on it. but then you also have to add that lamp layer to every render layer that you add, otherwise you get just black.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I missed that new tab…

There is an entire world of rendering in that tab.

Thanks @andy!