scene concept

I created a new scene and chose Link ObData. But now I add another object to the original scene, how do I link ObjData of this one new object to the newly created scene? Menu Object/Make Links only gives one option “To Scene”.

You mean like import models from other .blend files?

no, only from another scene


Link back to the original scene.

sorry, I just don´t get it! I have two scenes: scene1 and scene2. I go to scene 1, add a cube, press Ctrl+L: To Scene…, select “scene2”. Now I expect my cube to appear in scene2, but it doesn´t! What am I missing?

Can anybody point me to an artikel that explaines the concept of scenes and how they can interact with each other? I read something about NLA and that each scene can have only one NLA. Where can I get information about this?

Do you have your object selected before you hit Ctrl+L?

yes, the object is selected

well I created a new scene3 and there the object appears. I checked the Object view of scene2 and my cube is there as well, but not showing up in the 3D view!?
But I still remain with these questions:

  1. How can I decide if I want to link only the object, or obj+data or obj+data+tex? If I create a new view I have these options, but with a object I add later and link with Ctrl+L it will only link the object.

  2. How can I delete a link of an object to another scene?