Scene "Custrom Properties" as factor in Node Editor"

Hello. I created a “Custom Property” named “Factor” on the “Scene” tab to have constant access to it regardless of the currently selected objects, I wanted to use it as an attribute in the material editor, but from what I see this setup does not work. do you know if Is this the intended behavior or is it a bug?
I know i can use this data as “Driver” but I really don’t like it because when duplicating a node the driver gets lost and I have to add it again which is frustrating.
Maybe you have some other way?

Hi. You defined the property in Scene Properties, but you’ve set attribute Type: “Object” in your node. Switch type to “View Layer” (or define the property in Object Properties, but that would probably defeat the purpose). Should work

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In the node drop-down menu, I only have these options:

2023-02-01 15_52_20-Window

Hmmm, what version? I’m on 3.4.1

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Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that I’m not using the latest version when asking questions :slight_smile: At the moment I’m still using 3.3.0, but I’m upgrading now. Thanks for your interest in the topic :slight_smile: