Scene for BAC#9 [CLOSED]

We have a winner! Congratulation Kiopaa

It’s time to vote for the best scene for the BAC#9. For anyone not knowing what the bac is please seethis thread for an example.
So when you vote please keep in mind that we are looking for a scene that has lots of potential for animation.
Try to download the scenes and take a close look at them to get a good impression.

And here are the entries:

Kioopa -

Logidude -

revolt_randy -

I’m a bit lost of what has been going on with BAC lately. But the Kiopa scene, with his new character, seems to be good. At least someone went for some changes and new material !

I did not have time to read the whole thread. Hope at the end we get a compact fact of the new rules if there are any.:smiley:

This is only for the scene. The rulez have not changed. All attempts to have a constructive dialog about that have gone astray and have not yet prooven in anyway that participation will rise.

But I’m always willing to restart the discussion but not in this thread !

How long is this poll running?


Yes. When is this poll going to finish? I am wanting something to animate, and thought this could be a good starting point. So is there a date, or is it to a certain amount of votes?

It ends Sept 5.

Alpha Red: really? where does it say that? or is that just the date when it always finishes.

it says the date above the poll results
(if you have already voted that is)

“This poll will close on 05-Sep-10 at 15:18”

Oh. Sorry. Didn’t see that. Thanks.

At this point you could start animating if that’s what you want. You know where the poll goes, so start animating the Kiopa scene:D

Ok we got a winner!

Congratulation Kiopaa!
I will setup the BAC thread during the next two days so anybody who wants to can start already.