Scene for Beginner Tutorial | Any Criticism is Welcome


Recently, I’ve been planning on remaking/updating my beginner tutorial series (, and I’ve come up with a few ideas that I’d like some honest feedback on.

The first part of the tutorial teaches my audience the basics of Blender by creating the earth.

The second part of the tutorial will teach basic modelling skills. I’m thinking of showing my audience how to create the Tardis from Doctor Who to achieve this, although I’d like my audience to vote on what kind of model they’d like to learn how to make.

I’ve uploaded my renders of the earth, Tardis, and a final scene below (just ignore the repeating information on them - I’m reusing images I uploaded onto my Twitter account). What do you think? Do you have any criticisms or suggestions for improvement?

If you were (or are) a beginner, would you be interested in learning how to make what you see below?

Thanks in advance! You can also message on Twitter (@Andyfer_Ruu) if that’s more convenient.