Scene from a Game? maybe

hey, this a little project of mine
It could fit to a scene from an Game
17 hour render in cycles, godrays in blender internal
based on Andrew Price’s tutorial to an post appocalyptic scene

im new to this here :slight_smile: may give me a little feedback, thanks

Overall looks real good. I love lightning of the scene, theres both warm and cool colors.

However grass doesnt look that realistic, I think its mainly cuz theres such a little variation in size and rotation. Also those candles dont really fit the scene, Id rather see something more “fitting” for this warehouse theme. On top of everything else I think that some displace maps are too strong.

Nice job… I really like the contrast of the candels… it imediately tells a story about this image… it says something along the lines of … “Homeless Romance” or some thing like that… I like the lighting as it falls through the ceiling… just enough of a light Volume to see a bit of dust in the atmostphere but not too much for the subject mater… I kept wishing I could see more detail over by the door… I think the shading at the ceiling are perfect but as shadows fall farther from the light source you get more light bleed into them so I think a bit of Ambient light would be hitting those Doors down low and fading up to complete darkeness instead of beling completely dark as they are… but this is only a minor detail… and ceritainly way better than expected for a Game…

thanks for the nice reply

yes, i had problems with the grass asewell, but i thought on such an concret floor there isnt “bushy” grass, its more like single halms.

i just noticed it my self, there is a little bit light missing… but these arent doors, it are crates, stacked on each other. i thought, that there are perticles missing in the air… but thanks for the feedback

Excellent job. It reminds me a lot of a level from Nexuiz called Desert Factory, shown here:

Really, really like it!

Textures look great, the displacement on the back wall is a bit strong and the volumes look a bit bright. Not 100% sure about the flare on the candles, the four pointed star looks a bit odd.

17 hour render! I’d be interested in hearing about possible optimizations, how many bounces did you use? Did you do the foreground de-focus in the compositor or in the render? There seems to be a slight artifact around it.

yes i did a little to much displacement.

i had to render on my CPU wich is realy slow, the plants with they matrial killed the render time, especially the ivy. default settings 8 bounces.
yes this artifact comes from the dust in the background, since cycles isnt volumetric yet, i renderd some animated smoke and put it in the seene, but i couldnt get the alpha mast to have a blured foreground

Ooops… sorry… crates… not doors… what can I say…:spin: I’m gettin’ old… I no see as good as I once did… :confused:LOL!

Very, very cool scene. I like the ‘realism’ that you imparted with the plants growing and water standing in the room. Nice lighting, too.

which graphic card do you have?
It took 17 hours just to render a single frame? The scene might be heavy…

I am planning to buy a card. So just getting references

just look at my signature … :slight_smile:
it would be a shitload faster if i used my GPU, but this scene was realy heavy and my GPU run out of memory while packing all the render data in it, so i used CPU with takes ages

Definitely love it =)