Scene from my horror film

Here is a scene from my upcoming horror film “Night Feed” made with Blender.

It’s interesting, but you should have shifted the camera to the right so it would be focused on her. The current position already gives it away that the chaser is no longer there.

I see your point Xero, I may re-render that scene with a camera shift. Thanks for the input!

Hi Drew I like the premise. I think you’re showing too much of the vampire (or whatever) at the moment.

Steve’s version…

#she has her back to elevator, the elevator doors open but its dark inside
#POV from inside elevator the girl turns towards the camera - camera rushes to her face as she screams… cut to black

Mwaa ha ha ha

Sorry, but you know the whole “less is more” thing with horror. I liked how you only showed the silhouette of the threat when its near the car. Anyway, I look forward to what you do with this.

Hi Steve, thanks for the input. Funny you would suggest the POV camera rush idea because I used that very technique earlier in the film! This scene is the second attack of the vampire. Stay tuned (or like my Facebook page) for more to come!