Scene hotkeys

Have searched, no luck.

How do you change scenes (next/prev) via keyboard?


Is there a way to view different scenes in 3D windows? For e.g. scene1 on the left, scene 2 on the right?


No ideas? Halp!

I don’t know that shortcuts but there is method to see different scenes in different screens - just uncheck GlobalScene under Preferences window and, in different screen, set Scene to display. Now you can move between Screens/Scenes via Ctrl left/right arrow.
I think there is no method to display two Scenes in different 3dviews in the same Screen but you can display objects from other scene by choosing it under Output panel.

Jawra, hey thanks for the tips. I think I get the idea. Ctrl left/right seems to jump between different screen layouts, but I could make my own with different scene sets.