Scene management help?

I made some individual objects in their own .blend files

I linked them to the overall scene file.

Once I had them all together and took a good look I decided almost every object needs to be rebuilt within the context of the overall scene.

Trying to convert the linked objects into local objects was seemingly impossible. Tried a bunch of things. Only something with like 10 steps actually worked. It was easier to just delete the linked objects and append them again and reposition them again.

I then rebuilt everything to look nicer in their final context.

Now I have a huge .blend file and I’d like to find an easy way to convert all of these objects into their own blend file and then link them back into the main file.

For each of the original blend files you created for each object, delete the original and then append the new one from the large file, then link them back into the second file. There’s no quicker way around it.

You might be able to have two sessions of Blender open at the same time to make switching back and forth easier.