Scene management: Tips to keep a large Blender project responsive?

What are some general tips to keep a large Blender project as responsive as possible?

I am wrapping up the largest, most sophisticated Blender project file I’ve done to date. The next time I create a project file with this scope, I want to set up things differently. Right now, depending on which part of the timeline I am in, moving to a different frame is a long, slow, painful process. It’s to the point where it’s like, click on something, go surf the web for about 15 seconds, go back to Blender and click something else.

Since I’m almost done with this project file, I don’t care about optimizing it. However, in the future I don’t want to create another project file with these performance issues.

There’s only three tricks I’m aware of:

  • Link in external low-poly proxy models where possible; replace them with high poly models when rendering.
  • Put models on different layers, so you only see what you absolutely need to see in the viewport when working in the 3D View.
  • Automate the View/Render states of objects you don’t need in the Outliner.

There have to be more tricks than just these. What are they?

I’m using BI for this project, but I also use Cycles for other projects. Tips for either engine are appreciated. Also, I am using BlenRig – a not-lightweight rig – for armatures. (I am using five BlenRig rigs in this particular file.)