Scene modeling

Hi, im pretty new here, id like to ask for some help pretty please :slight_smile:

I started with blender like a week or so, im pretty mutch a complete noob, and i only use blender to do basic stuff(models)

Im trying to create a 3D “tv show set” for a game (like the buzz set) for after effects.
I created a sort of idea, but i wanted something better.

Im asking if any of you guys have any tutorial or tips or concenpts about that kind of modeling so i can get some examples.
Plus since im no artist(im a programmer), i would apreciace if anyone has any cool good looking textures that would look nice on a set like that(walls, grounds, or adresses ).
If anyone could help id really apreciate, you guys are the artists after all :stuck_out_tongue:

After many trial an error i came up with this, what do you guys think, feedback/advice would be nice :slight_smile:

Looks like YOU are the artist, after all.

It looks like you’ve done it with no help. Looks cool.