Scene Overlay

Hey everyone, I have a game going along pretty well, and a menu that you can resume and quit, but the cursor I have for it is on another scene, and goes under the scene that has the menu, so I can’t see it when the mouse is over the menu. Is there a way I could put the “Cursor” Scene over the “Menu” Scene? Please help, this is an inportant part.

The scene actuator has an “add overlay scene” and an “add background scene” mode. I think it is relative to the current scene (the scene where you have the actuator). It sounds you just have to call it in the right order.

I hope it helps

i guess the problem inferno is referring to is the same i mentioned in another thread:

you add the overlay scene which holds the mouse cursor and anytime later you add another overlay scene which includes anything.

the result of that would be, that the mouse cursor is behind the newly added scene.

i will try playing around with the add background and add overlay scene actuators and see what the results are, but, thinking about the problem, i guess that this is the solution i’ve been looking for, and, as most of the time, the solution is as easy as possible and my complicated mind exaggerated the difficulty ;D


Hey guys, don’t worry I figured it out, what I did was instead of putting both of the overlay scenes on one scene, I went to the menu scene and added my mouse overlay scene there. Thanks for the help though.