Scene Problem

i have made this simple game
and when i try to run the main scene…

this happens.

-it normally runs and see things okay but when i run on the
place near the bridge…

this happens :


-the main character has gone . . :no:

i’ve checked the camera clipping and its okay,

anyone encountered this problem before? please help me:o

Thank you :slight_smile:

My only guess is something either entered the camera view that is causing rendering problems, or something left the camera view that prevented the rendering problems. I suggest paying careful attention to what else might be different between the two scenarios.

Can you walk back?

Yep I encountered the same. This happens when I open and run 2.49 blend files in the newest version (2.61) of Blender. But I don’t know why either.

@Monster, yes. if i move the mouse on the other side. the scene goes back to normal,same with moving backward.
But when the character goes back to that position, it all turns into BLUE.Sir, What do you think is the problem? :frowning:

@Kupoman, i already checked the scene, it has only terain,houses and overlayed scene for the HUD. :frowning:

blend files needs to go through each intermediate version for correct conversion:
2.49 -> 2.5x+save -> 2.60+save -> 2.61+save

Just from seeing I wonder if
A) the camera is showing something complete different.
B) the objects disappeared from render (obvious they still exist and work).

A) parent a cube to the camera that you can see it all the time. Then test again. Does the Cube disappear too?
B) switch to wireframe mode. Do the objects still disappear? GSLS->Multitexture?
Look from Side view/top View etc.?