Scene scale?

Hi everyone,

I’m curious if the size of the scene in Blender units effects the efficiency of processing the information. That is, is there an optimal start size for a scene regardless of the camera resolution?

If I start a scene on a background that is 2 Blender unit versus 20 Blender units, assuming all other Objects in the scene are scaled appropriately, is there some efficiency to be gained? Resources utilized more efficiently etc?

I have seen some comments with regard to improving render speeds. Just curious if there are some general guidelines with regard to setting up the initial size of the scene.

Thanks and happy holidays.


If your scene is very very large or very very small and you have to change the viewport clipping to a very very low or very very high value you can get display issues in the viewport

Solid view with limit selection to visible enabled

Thanks Richard,

I believe I have experienced that once or twice. What would be a good middle ground with regard to size. Is the standard grid map (3D Screen Display) in any way indicative of the size I should be developing from? That is, if my background is roughly the size of the grid will this avoid most clipping issues? Any benchmarks in Blender to use as guides? Any other performance issues to be aware of?