Scene setups for matching CG lighting to real world scene

I’m working on a project trying to composite 3D objects into real world interior pictures. I’m realizing how important and difficult lighting is. I’m curious how experienced artists set up their scenes.

Do you create a room, with all walls & ceilings, with environmental lighting coming in the windows to simulate how light bounces around? Or do you create a cutout view (don’t know technical term - see picture below) and create something like a movie set with just the walls that you can see?

Here is an example of a scene i’m working on. I got rid of some walls to let in more light.


Realistic interior light, is mostly bounce light. Bounce light is expensive light, computational speaking. You can make you walls one sided, so that they can be filmed through but still contribute to light bounces, but I guess your issue is with quantity of light. You can use color management to increase the exposure of the scene.

this sounds interesting:

My goal is photo realism so if i can cut down on render time without sacrificing quality, i’ll take any advice I can get.

Thanks for the reply.

Use Blender’s portal lights as well then. Less samples for better lighting.