scene simplification script anyone ?

I was wondering if there has been anyone who came up with a scene simplification script, something that would regroup the parameter settings that could make a scene render faster so testing some aspects of it, say the lighting, could be done without enduring the overhead of say… high numbers in depth of transparency and ray_mirror for example. Something more complete than the button panel developed for BBB, the one hidden under rt:1 in version 2.47.

It would be especially nice if those settings were affecting the Render Preview floating panel, which is already fast (that would give us at a head start) but which, sometimes, just isn’t responsive enough to do its job…

Thanks for your time.


So, do I hear a resounding “no” ? :wink:
No one has ever tried it ? Seems relatively simple and quite useful to me so I am surprised.


umm, you can already do this.
it’s a feature.
some little button that brings up a render simplification menu.
it is very well hidden & honestly i can’t remember where they hid it.
but it is there.

did you know that with rt value ‘1’ you get render simplification panel :slight_smile:
ahh that’s where i saw it.

Thanks. I use it but it seems to me that there could be alot more parameters in it.
Do you think that there would be any difficulty making a script for that?