Scene specific keyframing custom properties

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using blender for about 6 months and still finding my way and looking for the best ways to do things.

I have just started trying to use scenes to reuse models more effectively and to keep file sizes down. On top of this I have been experimenting with key-framing custom properties as drivers for rotations of a group of objects to make it easier to set up my start and end points from one place and occasionally dial up a particular static position for a still image.

I first set up scene custom properties as drivers for a group of objects. This conveniently collects all of the properties in one place on the scene tab. I then key in my custom property values and key-frame the start and end rotations and get a nice animation in scene 1. Nothing happens in Scene 2 as I’d expect but I don’t know how to get a different rotation in scene 2 because the drivers belong to scene 1.

Next I tried to set up a world custom property as the driver, keyframed the rotation on one scene but this causes the rotation in all scenes which again is probably what I’d expected.

So my question is how to do these scene specific rotations without making everything local or is that the only way?

Thanks in advance