Scene strip is for!


can anyone tell me what is the use for Scene Strip?
i tried the wiki but no information, any help well be welcomed, thanks

If you have multiple scenes you can bring them into the sequencer

Add Scene

You can add the virtual image output of a Scene in your current .blend file as well. Select the scene from the popup list, and a strip will be added and rubberbanded to your mouse just like a movie or image. The strip length will be determined based on the animation settings in that scene (not the current scene, unless the VSE is operating in the same scene).
When adding a Scene strip, please note that, in order to show you the strip in the VSE Image preview mode, Blender must render the scene. This may take awhile if the scene is complex, so there may be a delay between the time you select the scene and the time the strip appears. To reduce the delay, simplify the scene rendering by selecting fewer layers to render.

is there a way to fix the scene strip start or end frames to timeline and not the animation settings, i think that is more logical maybe!

@richard: i meant (no good info), i already read that, but thanks man.

You should not use the current VSE scene strip in the VSE. That is, make a separate scene dedicated to the VSE edit. Using other scene’s strips means you can start at any frame/any offset frame. Is that what you mean?

@3pointedit: yeah i know this work around from ton, but the problem if you want to render shots you need to go back and forth between scene to adjust then render, and i work normally with 7 to 8 minutes scene with over 30 camera, which is kind of pain.

is there any way to add an option in the scene strip to fix it to time line (like NLA actions pin that fix the animation to the original time line when editing), i think it should be about one or two lines of code to map the start and the end of scene strip to “0” as start and no need to set end (if you want to increase your time line you need to delete the current scene strip and add another and you cant do that if you already setup many camera cuts).

if anyone could code it and give the patch i would happy to work with a patched blender :slight_smile:
if any one can guide me to what to change in the source, i’d be happy to do so, blender is a big code base and i don’t know c++ very well, but i may try my best.

I am so sorry I still am not following your required workflow.

Do you:

  1. create a scene with animation and camera changes
  2. import scene strip to VSE scene for render
  3. repeat steps 1. and 2. for successive scenes
  4. Slide/trim scene strips around for timing

At what point do the animation timings shift? Or do you expect that the audio you have synced to in those animation scenes to follow?

my workflow is:

i montage the whole ep based on script and audio lipsync file in vse, with very basic animatics and cameras, so i could see the how it will end up, do the animation, then render the whole work from vse into 1 big sequence:

now the problem is when modifying the render settings, between the animation scene and render scene, it gets confusing who is the controlling one and in deadlines you can’t miss enough! also when dealing with other artists it also confuse them too.

i can’t change this work flow as it is the fastest workflow i can do in my way of animation, there are also many little annoyances here and there, nothing i can survive BUT why all the hassle, a simple option could resolve.

To be clear you need all the animation to reside in the same scene as the audio, to animate to sync? If so, why not audio lock first and dupe the scene audio out to animation scenes?

the animation is based on audio, and the scene cams are based also on audio, if i moved the scene strips to a new scene, it would be troublesome to go back and forth between scene, which is not wanted when your in deadlines (as i’m in most of the time).

what im trying to achieve here is a simple option, i’l try to pay for if i had to.