Scene timer for BGE

Hello people!

I have been working with BGE for not too long and it is my first time making a game…

Well, here is my problem:

I need a timer / countdown (not visual) for a map. It is supposed to restart the scene after a certain time or switch to the next. I can make it with physics (if object X touches object Y, restart scene…) and have it invisible or outside the actual scene, but I was wandering if there is a more simple solution, one that uses only game logics.

Thank you all!

This should be relatively simple. Look in the Property window of the GameLogic panel. You’ll see that you can add a property with the Timer type. This counts up (in seconds) since the object was added to the scene (normally the start of the game).
Use an expression controller or a property interval sensor. See the attached blend.
setup.blend (486 KB)

Thank you agoose77!!!
It’s just what I was looking for…

Thank you!
This is just what I was looking for.