Scene walkthrough with 3D sound [sorta-solved]

I’m working on my second ever animation.

So its pretty low res, but here is the rundown.

You walk up to a door and hear a tv thats just playing static in the room, you open the door and step in, walk around the couch and coffee table up to the tv, then the video playing on the tv will change to some introductory text.

I’ve created my very rough tv, and speakers in a room with no furnature (for now).

I can animation the movement, and after this problem my new ones will be changing whats on the TV (just a plane looping some images atm).

My problem is for this white noise effect to seem anything of interest the sound needs to change, as it would change as you enter and near the television set.

I’m unsure of how to go about this, and it is really bugging me.

I was able to get the “feel” for 3D sound using the game engine, but this 3D sound effect doesn’t translate to when I render.

Is setting up a track (ipo curve?) for my camera and playing the animation in game engine the only way to obtain semi-accurate “realism” of this sound being played form the television? If that is the case I suppose I can just use audacity to record the sound playing and then tag that onto the movie clip… but it just seems like a stupid method for going about that doesnt it?

My research on this pretty much kept ending up in youtube animations (which are cool but generally dont help) and BGE tutorials.

Some input would help, thanks for your time :RocknRoll:

I ended up doing the game engine walkthrough I thought up to record the sound. Not very realistic as the walls didnt really dampen the sound… but I guess I can’t have it all on my second animation