Scene-wide Spotlight?

Hey, so I was wondering if there was some way to create a huge spotlight for lighting (or just shadowing) objects. I know that the simple way is to put a spotlight over your character and parent it, but I wish to put the light over the whole scene. The problem is, when the spotlight is pulled back to cover the whole scene, the shadows disappear or are glitchy looking. Is there some way to pull back the spotlight and have it light a large area? By the way, in my scene, the light has a large distance-value and it works fine up close.

You’re looking for a sun lamp, and those can’t cast shadows yet. The shadows in the BGE are very newly integrated and barely functional at this point.

A spot light will do the trick, if you set it up right.

These settings might help you get on the right track.
Some important notes:

• Make sure the “Clip End” setting will allow the shadows to reach out far enough.
• Use a large shadow buffer size, though it’s probably a good idea not to exceed 2048 (or 4096 if you’re a madman).
• Make sure the “Dist” setting is far out enough to light your scene.
• Use a spot-size that fits the area you need to affect.

More important:

• Make sure the “Clip Start” setting is not really small (like as it is by default), otherwise you’ll end up with bias issues.

• Make sure the bias is reasonably low; if you set it to low, the shadows will go crazy, and show up where they shouldn’t, set it too high, and the shadows will only partially show up, or not at all. A happy value for the bias is dependent on your clip end and clip start settings.

Most important:

• There is a strange glitch where some settings do not take effect until you change the Spot Size setting. So if you find yourself making changes and getting confused and frustrated that nothing is working, don’t forget to give the Spot Size setting a little nudge, and watch all the settings snap into effect.

Thank you, so much! I’ll try it out!