Scene with for objects and detailed questions - show action, shadow + texture

I have practically finished my first game.
Here i present a to for objects reduced szene,
to show the last major problems I was not able to find
out how to solve them on my own. Please help me.

Animation_Pfau-eng.blend (484 KB)

This text you find also in the texteditor in the blendfile:

There are 4 Objects:
Bird, its armature, floor and a cube (textured)
With SPACEBAR the bird moves forward an its legs
should be animated.

The Animation of the legs is not shown.
The cube shows its texture only by F12-rendering
and there is no shadow on the floor.

1. What is to change, that the animation
of the legs works?
2. With “show phyiics visualisation” you can see
a small cube on the floor of the birds left side.
Is this the armature? If yes, why is it THERE?
3. Why is in play-mode the armature no more
visible as an X-ray.

4. What ist to change so that i can see a shadow from 
  the cube on the floor in PLAY-mode and in the viewport?
5. What ist to cahage so that i can see the texture of
  the cube in PLAY-mode and in the viewport?

6. How to connect the keybord-sensor with the 
   action-actuator as playstop or loopstop, so that the legs
   move for every keybord-sensor-event: SPACEBAR one frame ahead.
   With no keybord-action the legs shall keep their actual position.

Thank you for any hints and please excuse my poor english,
Stephan from Germany

The animation works good.
It is only the action I don not get started.

Ok, with some help, now it works (wrong parenting).The bird ist walking.
Thank You.
Still there are no shadows in the game.
Moreover some of the faces from the neck ar not shown, when the bird is rotated.
Must have to do with the normals. I tried RECALCULATE and FLIP, but that does not work.
Any hints?

_PFAU_8.2.blend (489 KB)