SceneCity ⛫


(migius) #21

The resulting urban structure looks perfect!
There are a few city generators for blender, but yours offers the best “realistic” look&feel.
Thank you very much for sharing the script code!

some ideas:

  • alternative raster systems: non-orthogonal, radial, concentric, spiral
  • coexistence/overlay of different raster systems: (controlled with a kind of mapped area plan)
  • transport infrastructure: city highways, railways
  • geographic globals: hills, river, lakes
  • city green spaces: parks, trees (schematic)

(Arnaud Couturier) #22

The current version of the engine (0.2) generates low-polygon buildings only, so you could use the generated cities in your real-time applications and games.

Bear in mind that streets and building textures are not created though.

If you need buildings only (not cities), then I could create a separate GUI for generating single buildings like those in the screenshot.

(another_noob) #23

I found this and thought it was interesting:

This appears to be the central document from the site:

(endeavormac) #24

This thing is indeed quite cool. I went into blender and created a rather large city, then moved the camera around for a little bit and made a video of it.

It looks terrible on youtube
Here is a mpg, 27mb

I look forward to version 0.3!

(IAmThisGuy) #25

Wow this works awesome. Low-poly cities instantly. Thanks a lot.

(Pickett Studios) #26

No Module named fpformat Error. How can I correct this?

(OBI_Ron) #27

Pickett Studios,

Do you have Python installed? Generally, the scripts that ship with Blender do not need a full Python install, but anyone is free to write a python script for Blender that does require a full Python install.

Best of Luck!

(another_noob) #28

No Module named fpformat Error. How can I correct this?

Line 32 of city script:

from fpformat import *

The script runs fine for me, but I never had to install that module. It should be as easy as upgrading to a newer version of Python or just installing the fpformat module.

(Arnaud Couturier) #29

I have been working on the streets generator. It is still far from being practical.

Here is a screenshot

(Meta-Androcto) #30

The script is a but bugged out, but once, it does this>

So there’s probably some useful code there.

(Pickett Studios) #31

I do have Python but how do I make Blender read it’s directory?

(another_noob) #32

User Preferences Window / File Paths / Python Scripts: (click folder icon to navigate)

Crtl-U to save settings.

Also, Blender usually expects a specific version of Python.

(Pickett Studios) #33

Failed Writing Defaults: unable to open

What do I do now?

(Meta-Androcto) #34

Pickett Studios,
please if you need help, start your own thread, do not hijack other threads.
we will help you there.

(another_noob) #35

Do you mean when you use Ctrl-U to save settings?

(Pickett Studios) #36

Yes, it just comes up with that error. I do have Python installed.

(another_noob) #37

Just try going to your .blender subdirectory and deleting B.blend, then retry CTRL-U. If that doesn’t work, start another thread. This is kind of off-topic here.

(kay_Eva) #38

wow, this is cool

I think blender needs to hardcode this procedural modeling type into blender and commit it to trunk

then allow for editing/UV’ing of each building block of a building, then have different presets of building blocks for different types of buildings, and so on for the street composition and so on

this is really really really really awesome!

thanks pii-chan

(tampaBlendie) #39

just tried it out

Awesome work man! This will take some of the monotony out of modeling big scenes. Thank you!

(Meta-Androcto) #40

yes it is a very cool script.