SceneCity ⛫


(olyrick) #1061

every time I try and change it and make a city the error changes

(olyrick) #1062

Not sure why my attachment went away?

(Arnaud Couturier) #1063

olyrik, you’re not using the latest version, 0.5.7

(olyrick) #1064

I downloaded new version and got new error.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1065

What version of Blender are you using ?
Only Blender official is supported.

(olyrick) #1066

blender version 2.72b

(Arnaud Couturier) #1067

It should work then… from the error message, it looks like the addon hasn’t been properly registered… if you disable then re-enable it, does it make any difference ?

(olyrick) #1068

That worked tyvm

(Elias79) #1069

Very impressive, i hope this works.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1070

Version 0.7 is released!!! Finally :slight_smile:
The name has changed, it’s no longer Suicidator City Generator, but Scene City.

This version represents a huge amount of work, and a change of direction to a more professional product. I’m sure you guys will like it a lot, it’s so much easier and useful than the previous versions, and the quality of the cities is also much better than before.

There are a bunch of new features. You can read about all of them in the first post of this thread, or you can visit the details on the website

There are also some features that were previously available (night rigs, elevation maps, population maps), but which have been temporarily removed due to time constraints, I’ll restore them in future updates.

A free version is currently unavailable. This should be fixed soon.

PS: I offer a 20% discount for the launch of version 0.7 until December 17th
PS2: those who bought version 0.5 should receive the new version pretty soon by email

(tungerz) #1071

Great work Arnaud :slight_smile:
looks awesome

Now I go check my email to give it a test drive :stuck_out_tongue:


(Bernardo) #1072

this looks like a great improvement! Congratulation! Is a trial version still available?

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

(tungerz) #1073

From the post above…

A free version is currently unavailable. This should be fixed soon.

piiichan, how about materials? Can render in cycles?

(seanser) #1074

Looks like fantastic progress! I’m hand building a future city myself at the moment one thing that is kind of necessary for me is that the roads are meshes rather than textures. I know that previous in versions of your generator the roads were created as textures, is that still the case? The other thing I’m wondering, is it tied to Cycles? I have licenses for Vray and Thea render and tend to use them more often.

(dafassi) #1075

Fantastic … looks awesome!
Can´t wait to destroy something :wink:

(Bernardo) #1076

ops… didn’t read, thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

(Auuman Anubis) #1077

It renders in cycles, all the screen shots are from cycles renderer.

Congrats on the release piiichan! :slight_smile: looks promising.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1078

@tungerz: thanks :slight_smile: You’ll be able to test it very soon, I’m working on the download link issue. And yes, all renders are Cycles, except for a single one, can you find it :wink:
Bernardo[/B) Thank you very much. As others have pointed to you, the free version will come, but later unfortunately.

@seanser Thank you! You’ll be glad: the roads are no longer texture-based like before, they’re real 3d models. On the other hand yes, the materials are for Cycles and BI at the moment, I don’t know how difficult it would be to port them to VRay or Thea…

@dafassi Hehe thanks, if you have a nice apocalyptic render, I’m very interested by your results!

@Auuman_Anubis Thanks man :slight_smile: It was hard work, but rewarding. Let’s hope there’s enough interest from the community at large, so that I can continue working on it at a much faster pace, for more complex cities, and more control and variety

(Auuman Anubis) #1079

I think you should also set-up a blender market page for this. You’ll get some more sales that way too :slight_smile:
Happy blending!

(tungerz) #1080

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:
New link worked for downloads, very grateful my friend :slight_smile:
I noticed the download cover all platforms Linux,mac, and windows…
But install wasn’t as simple as install from file, looking into the structure I didn’t see any .py files linking to the scene city scripts(like 5.7 had the init and scg.jar), in scene citys(windows directory) there’s 1 folder = scene city 0.7.0_Data and a scene city 0.7.0.exe
Are there more install instructions I’m missing, forgive my blindness :stuck_out_tongue:

>–Edited --<
I launched the standalone .exe and generated terrain,roads buildings… now can export to blender, new work flow?