SceneCity ⛫


(SHABA1) #1081

Csn one disable Cycles and just use Blender’s internal materials?

(Auuman Anubis) #1082

Yes, Blender internal materials are available too.

It’s all on his page:

  • Cross-platform: available for Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Easy to get started: download and start making cities, there is no installation and no prerequisite, not even Blender, though you’ll need it to open the output cities

  • Easy to use: export your city to Blender with a mouse click, adjust the camera angle in Blender, then hit F12. Finished!. You can go further if you want of course, but Scene City is built with ease of use in mind

  • Realtime preview: you can navigate in realtime in the high-fidelity 3D preview, including a first person view where you can drive right inside your city before you decide to export it to Blender

  • Both Cycles and Blender Internal (BI) are supported: Blender has two official render engines, and both are fully supported. Use the one you prefer.

  • Large cities are possible: depending on your hardware capability (RAM, CPU and graphics card), you can build very small to large cities, from 320m² up to 1280m²

  • The cities can be used as is, or as a starting point to your own custom city where you can add cars, pedestrians, custom buildings etc…

  • Whole scenes are generated, not only the cities: that includes

  • the terrain around the city

  • the water for the sea and lakes

  • the surrounding world with a selection of specifically-made high quality 8k HDR skies, for realistic and easy lighting of your cities under various climatic conditions and times of the day

  • High quality realistic materials: the materials have been created to achieve maximum realism, the cities can be seen from very close (a few centimeters away) without blurring or pixelation of the textures, while the terrain uses highly detailed tileable 6k textures

  • Many possible uses: the cities can be used for anything that is possible to do inside Blender, which is a lot, from rendering still images, to animations, to making Blender games, to hardware/Blender benchmarking and stress-testing

  • Clean and highly useable output: Scene City takes full advantage of Blender’s library linking capabilities. Expert Blender users will appreciate how all the assets forming the cities are split into several .blend files, and organized in subfolders. Scripting gurus also have access to a textual description of their cities in JSON format

  • Much more to come in future versions…!


(tungerz) #1083

First quick -n- dirty test

Props -n- merry x-mas piiichan :slight_smile:


(SHABA1) #1084

Waiting for the free version to be released. No I am not cheap just poor. $79 is like 1/8th of my monthly income.

(Meta-Androcto) #1085

I agree you should put this on blendermarket.
Your years of hard work & dedication shine through here. well done!

(jdent02) #1086

I love the program, but I seem to be having issues. The city exports and opens just fine on my laptop, but when I try to use it on my desktop, it ends up freezing Blender up. Same version (2.72a). It doesn’t crash but the load never completes and the program has to be forced to shut down.

Edit: only seems to happen on medium sizes terrains with a lot of buildings.

Win 7 64 bit
i7 2600
16G ram

(Arnaud Couturier) #1087

@tungerz Yes, the online manual is still under construction, sorry to leave you guys just guessing how to run and use it, but really it should be easy. Looks like you already know how to use it now, since you posted a screenshot (a nice one by the way, thanks about that:), but running Scene City is a matter of double-clicking the executable. Then to export, just click “Export” under the export options. That should be all to have it work. Since it’s no longer an addon, there’s no need to install it in Blender or anything.

@SHABA1 Switching the render engine is enough to use BI or Cycles. Two little things I’ll precise in the online manual: for BI, you need to also enable the 2 lamps in the scene, and adjust the “exposure” to 1.5 in the scene settings. bout the free version, I’ll try to release it as soon as I can.

@Meta-Androcto Thanks a lot Meta :slight_smile: Yes, I think I’m approaching something close to a real city generator, but still a long way to go… I’m on it!

@Auuman_Anubis I’ll try to have it accepted on BlenderMarket too, I hope the answer will be positive!

@jdent02 Yes, it happens when the number of buildings is high. Blender is working, but it takes a long time for it to load, looks like an optimization issue somewhere or something. I’ll fix it for the next version.

(tungerz) #1088

Thx piichan,
yup pretty much plug -n- play.
One run i had already had one of my daily blender builds already running, but the exporter loaded a different blender.
Is this loading official bf installs?

(Arnaud Couturier) #1089

The version of Blender opened automatically on export is the one associated with .blend files in your operating system, the same Blender as if you double-clicked the .blend file in the file explorer.

(Meta-Androcto) #1090

great job, bought & d/l yesterday. looks great so far! :slight_smile:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1091

Thanks a lot Meta for supporting me. I’m glad you like it so far :slight_smile:
There’s more to come in future releases!

(Aenima) #1092

Congrats Piiichan. I wrote a quick overview about SC on my tiny site site. I have not much time atm but i plan to make a tut on my language. Congrats again.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1093

Thank you Aenima :slight_smile:
I used google translate to have an idea of what you wrote. Thanks for writing a review about Scene City in your language!

(Aenima) #1094

Hehe Hungaria with google translate is very funny :slight_smile: I hope it wasn’t too bad. Anyway thanks for the great app.

(Taamalus) #1095

Before I get this, can I export the created city into the CryEngine?
It does not need to be a simple export, just want to know if it is possible.

(Smoother) #1096

wow, fucking brilliant. you’ve nailed it! This is the kind of stuff i was dreaming about 15 years ago. I’ll buy this as soon as budget allows.

one small question, do you mean the cities can be 3xx to 12x square meters, or square kilometers? the former scale is typical for rooms, the latter for actual cities (new york being almost exactly your upper limit)

(Kla2) #1097

Nicely done, looks great.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1098

@Taamalus At the moment, exporting to game engines could be difficult. I don’t use CryEngine, but I guess it must be a lot of work to export a city from Blender to CryEngine. It should be possible though: if you already know how to export a complex Blender scene (lots of objects, organized in a hierarchy, with diffuse+normal materials) to CryEngine, then you can do it.

@Smoother Thank you very much for the compliments and if you support me, when you can :slight_smile:
For now, the cities can be up to 1280 square meters, not kilometers. I’ll increase the size later, once I solve a few performance issues, especially on Blender’s side.

(Smoother) #1099

you’re welcome, keep up the good work.

so if scaled at meters, does that mean the models are not full scale? I’ve done some very basic map markups at full scale (several sq km) which oddly seemed to lag, while more complex yet smaller models chugged along better, so you would then suggest scaling things down? I suppose for the intended purposes, one does not need the extra accuracy, but it would make importing objects simpler not to have to scale appended stuff

(Taamalus) #1100

3D models are can be ported into the CryEngine with either Collada or fbx.
Your site says that the software is actually a standalone product, but you need Blender somehow. What I want to know is, once I import the file into Blender, can I then export it (our rough levels) as either as a collada ( .dae) or FBX file? If yes, the levels could then imported it into the CryEngine.
Sure, making levels is a lot of work, but if we can safe some time, to generate buildings for the atmosphere, your software would be a tremendous help.