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(Arnaud Couturier) #1201

Yes thanks for the link :slight_smile: I saw that one on Twitter. I think it’s good for a single building, or several. But a whole city block… I’m not sure, performance-wise. I keep it mind though, it deserves some thoughts as to where this kind of rig could fit in SceneCity’s workflow.

Hello Bernardo.
Yes at the moment cities can only be built on flat surfaces. This is a limitation I’m planning to remove. The main challenge with the current way cities are built is for the roads to follow an uneven terrain.

I have plans for the road generation system. It is doable to generate roads from open street maps or from an algorithm, the challenge is to do so with a high enough visual quality, and/or to allow the user to use his/her own models in the process. I cannot say when, but those features are on my list.
I post regular updates on my Twitter, so stay tuned!

(Bernardo) #1202

thanks for the answer!

It’s great to know those features are one the list.

Yes, I agree that slopes are a big challenge. I deal with city creations daily on my work, and having to cope with a non even terrain is quite difficult.

As for the roads, personally I am not so much interested in open street map itself, rather on the ability to draw custom road networks. The cities I mainly deal with are ancient and rarely the road network is a parallel and perpendicular lines grid. I would love to be able to draw my custom road grid with non straight roads as well.

I will keep an eye on twitter. I don’t have an account there, but maybe it’s time to do one :smiley:

(cet77) #1203

Will the ‘better support for night scenes’ include random lights in the windows? :slight_smile: I’m struggling a bit with that now, cause i need a night scene with lights… I suppose i’ll figure something out for now. But it would be a nice addition.

(Dimitar) #1204

hello, i am new to scene city. how would one go about generating a european type of city, e.g. non-grid-based but diagonal and curved based?

(Arnaud Couturier) #1205

Yes, coming versions will be able to generate textures with randomly lit windows :slight_smile: As well as placing real lamps, though this is already possible. But night scenes are extremely difficult to render by Cycles, I’ll have to look into that issue.

Curved roads are a coming feature, it is not yet included. Stay tuned :wink:

(cet77) #1206

Cool, looking forward to that… :slight_smile: I like these plugins very much already. Do you have anything to say about maybe when the next update on this will be? :slight_smile: Eager here.

(Scigor) #1207

We are all waiting in line, for the “big” updates! :yes:

(northstreamcreations) #1208

This is awesome

(chris.k) #1209

Is scene city game ready ?
Do you use principled shader ?

(Arnaud Couturier) #1210

“Game-ready” is a very vague adjective. It mostly depends on the models you’re using in your city, and your target game platform’s capabilities.
The principled shader will be used very soon yes. And support for eevee too.

(chris.k) #1211

I want to make something for pc and wonder if the model you provide is low poly for example trees with 2000 triangles

(cet77) #1212

Hello piiichan. :slight_smile: How’s development going? :cat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1213

No the trees aren’t low poly, but the buildings are. I will add game specific assets and features this year.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1214

Hey :slight_smile: After a freelance project using Blend4Web, I’m back on my addons. It’s going well, a node-based workflow is under work! This allows much more freedom and “power” in the hands of the user, and new features will be easier for me to add. More assets are also on the way!

(cet77) #1215

Love it… :slight_smile: Really looking forward to get my hands on that… Keep up the good work! :smiley:

(xan2622) #1216

Hi Arnaud.

Have you seen this video?
It’s for Maya but maybe it can inspire you :wink:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1217

A nice example yes, thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:

Stacking of your own models is coming, and the node-based system will allow for user-controlled variations. I’ll post more details as soon as I have more to show.

For now, I added back some of my older algorithms, and used them as a starting point for the nodes. Namely the simple city and roads along curves. Simple means fast to generate, lightweight (but that depends on the size of the city and complexity of the buildings used), no collision testing, no road crossings, and mostly used for far-away shots. You can use your own meshes for the buildings and roads portions, and procedural cubes for the buildings. I’ll add more nodes (thus features) version after version. I’ll also release more often, once a month.

It’s also easy to export. Here are some renders made from Terragen:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1218

Version 1.2 has just been released! :smiley:

(Dimitar) #1219

Quite like the update. Wondering if radial or other non-grid configurations will be coming soon?

(Arnaud Couturier) #1220

Non-grid layouts is a planned feature yes, and will start with OpenStreetMap support. I cannot say yet in which future version, but as soon as I can for sure! I’m adding the most urgent features for grid-based layouts first.