SceneOrbit/Rotate problem on Win 7 Pro 64bit Logitech Mouse [SOLVED]

Just installed Blender 2.76b on a Win 7 64bit shared laptop (for convenience while learning) and was completely unable to rotate scene. Any middle button press and drag would cause grab-like object movement (even though I had selected Rotate Around Selected object in User Input Preferences).

I thought initially it might be because I installed as regular user, not Admin privileged. Reinstalled on an Admin account. No luck. Installed 2.77 RC. No luck. Open GL appeared to work fine when using NumPad keys (scene quickly rotated into proper position).

Finally found a hint on the Blender development phpBB website that was not exactly my situation but hinted that it might be a Logitech mouse driver related problem.

In brief, apparently some Logitech drivers reassign the middle mouse wheel to ‘scroll’ instead of ‘click’. I did not have the same driver as the poster, so was unable to follow their instructions to reset to default. My driver was SetPoint mouse driver, and rather than search for the non-obvious way to correct the mouse assignments, I simply removed the Logitech driver in Add Remove Programs and magically Blender started working normally again!

Thought I would post here to save someone else the hour it took me to find the problem (phpBB thread was locked as Read-Only - can’t link to it here by forum rules).